Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Brunch with Friends

On Friday the 29th of December I went to Wakefield to meet some friends for brunch. We had been due to meet up the week before but Stacey wasn't well so we rescheduled. Stacey and I see each other fairly often, but our friend Gemma (we all went to school together in the 90s!) is working in Ecuador at the moment so she's only home for a few weeks at a time. She's moving soon, though, so we will hopefully be able to see her more. It is nice when we meet up and I'm glad we were able to. 

We arranged to go to Bob and Bert's in Trinity Walk in Wakefield. The place where it is has been a few things over the years but I hadn't been in this one. Still, there were a lot of spaces when we got there so we got a booth. The menu is pretty big and there are quite a few vegetarian options so that was good for me. I went for a vegan breakfast wrap and a candy cane hot chocolate, which were both lovely. 

We were chatting for ages; Stacey's husband and son came in too briefly so it was nice to see them too. We got some pudding and another drink - I went for a mint slice but unfortunately it had coconut in it so I didn't like it very much. 

We said goodbye to Gemma at about 1.30 I think, and then I popped into Lush with Stacey. I had been in the Lush sale before I met her and Gemma and bought a few things, and then Stacey wanted to go too, so I went back in with her and bought a couple more bits. Whoops! I had money from Christmas though and I know this will last me ages. I need to book somewhere with a bath so I can have a long soak or three with the bath bombs! 

I was wearing my Cheers Queers t shirt from The Spark Company, it's pretty new and I only bought it because Stacey sent it to me as she thought I would like it! I love it. I wore it with my purple Scarlett and Jo skirt which I wear really often, sparkly tights, and my new rainbow chenille cardigan. I got it from Simply Be recently and it's really cosy and soft. 

We remembered to get a photo just before we said bye, Gemma took it!

Vegan brunch wrap - it had veggie sausages, avocado, salsa, and spinach, I think. It was really nice

My mint slice which was disappointing

My outfit when I got back

Here's what I got in the sale - three gift sets, each of which had something in that I really wanted, and something I'm willing to try, some Snow Fairy, and some soap! Gorgeous! I got some Snow Fairy from my mother in law too so I'm well set

Monday, February 19, 2024

What I Wore December 28th

On the day after Boxing Day Lee and I stayed at my mum's for a bit to see my stepcousin and co again, but we didn't stay long once they arrived. We did see my cousin smash up a dome cake that my mum had bought, haha. 

It was so nice to be at home again. The cats were happy to be back too. I had some time by myself watching some of the Christmas specials that had been on the television over Christmas, and I did some writing as I desperately wanted to get over 200,000 words for 2023. I had signed up for 250,000 but due to it being a really crappy year for many reasons I just hadn't managed that. But I am pleased I had got over 200k, that is really good. We had an early night so that we could both sleep!

On Thursday our friends Leanne and Adi came over with their little girl, April. We hadn't seen them since February (thanks to the aforementioned crappy year) but always like to get together over Christmas or near it. They had sent us a cheese hamper (some bits seen below) and we had bought them a voucher for the cinema and some snacks to go with it as they like going to the cinema. April has been taken ever since she was a tiny baby! 

We just did a simple buffet for lunch. I did some cheese and crackers as you can see below, and we got some sandwiches, some crisps, some dips, and so on. Nothing complicated but it was lovely. Leanne and Adi brought some cake and we had some Christmas chocolates too of course. We played Mario Kart and Leanne and I chatted about our favourite conspiracy theorists. They left about 4.30 and I relaxed for the rest of the day. Lee did too! 

I didn't take many photos but I was wearing my galaxy print dress from Topsy Curvy, it's so comfy to wear but looks so nice, I love it. I was wearing my new lilac and green checked cardigan which is also really cosy and comfy. It was from Simply Be just a few weeks ago 

My stepcousin gave my cheese board 6.5/10 which is not a bad score. The cheeses were from the hamper that Leanne and Adi sent us, and the chutney was from the hamper Lee's brother gave us

Here's my outfit later in the day!

Friday, February 16, 2024

Boxing Day 2023

I usually enjoy Boxing Day a whole lot because it's really relaxed and fun. However, I slept really badly on Christmas Day night and felt awful in the morning on Boxing Day. I think my brain just broke a bit. I've had a lot going on and I think my adrenaline had just gone. I struggled to get up and showered, so it was nearly midday before I was dressed and downstairs. It didn't matter, really, but I did feel like I had wasted half the day! 

We had Christmas dinner leftovers for lunch at about 1.30. It was delicious, as usual. We listened to some of the records Lee and I had got for Christmas, and played some games. However, I still felt terrible. I had a very brief nap at about 4.30pm, and when I woke up literally about fifteen minutes later, I felt way better. I came round a bit! 

I hadn't taken any photos until this point, but then my mum gave my cats some treats and Poppy was being so cute asking for them that I took a couple of photos of her. We played cards which I always enjoy, and we had some Christmas cake later on in the evening. My stepdad and I had it with Wensleydale which is traditional in parts of Britain and it's delicious! 

I was wearing this Judi Love at Very dress which I love so much and it's perfect for a special occasion. It's black, with sheer sleeves and gold stars dotted on it. I wore starry tights from Snag too but you can't see them in the photo. 

The other photos are of a couple of presents - a poster from Lee and the hamper that his brother and sister in law put together for us. It's amazing, full of so many delicious things! Plus there's a couple of things in it that Lee doesn't like so I'll have to eat them myself, like the brandy snaps! 

We went to bed and I threw up - so maybe the problem all day was just that I felt under the weather? I'm not sure but I did feel way better once I'd actually been sick which often happens to me! I was happy to get to bed though. 

Look at Poppy's little feet stretching up to my mum for a treat. She's been overgrooming herself and has bald bits down both sides of her body. We've had her back and forth to the vet and can't find anything much wrong with her. It's the first week in January as I am writing this though and she's been diagnosed with allergies and we have to give her a tablet a day. It is growing back and she seems less stressed, just a bit bald!

She is too cute though. Jasmine was nearby too, don't worry!

This was what I got in The Broke and the Bookish's swap, which I've done for a few years now. The books are all off my wishlist and I'm excited to read all of them! I got some lovely things alongside, too, including treats for the cats which is a really lovely thought, and some handmade things which are beautiful

This was Gwen and Janet's swap and my partner was Kathryn, who you may remember from blogging back in the day. She and I have really similar taste in books so I am really intrigued by these books and will have to get to them soon

Lee bought me this poster and it's going straight on the wall, believe me

Judi Love dress in my mum's kitchen

Christmas cake and cheese, delish!

And finally here's the hamper Chris and Gemma gave us

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Christmas Day 2023

Christmas Day was a nice one for us, very quiet as there were just the four of us. We have had Christmas Day without my grandma before, but it was different this year given that she died in January. We had a nice day, eating as we usually do with starter around 1pm and lunch around 3.30pm and we didn't eat pudding until about 7.30. We played some games and Lee and I played Super Mario Wonder together which was fun. I've been playing it for weeks and have nearly finished it but Lee hadn't played it at all. 

I had mushroom terrine to start with which was only okay. Then for my main I had a parsnip and mushroom wreath thing, but honestly it wasn't that nice and I wouldn't bother again. For dessert we had a chocolate orange cheesecake but it hadn't set properly so my mum had put the topping in the freezer so it was like ice cream and biscuit, but it was really nice. 

I got some lovely presents, including some boots and some sparkly Converse from my mum (which she got on Vinted!) and a mini sticker printer from Lee! I'm looking forward to taking that on holiday so I can print off photos and journal them as we're going! It'll be so cute to use in my bullet journal. You can print words, too, which is good. 

I made a cheese sauce to go with the cauliflower which I usually do, I don't have many skills but that is one of them. I also made the bread sauce and made the table look fancy. I joined in a few Christmas swaps as usual so I'll show you those at some point.

I was wearing this Simply Be dress from a few years ago, I love it and it's so fancy so perfect for Christmas. I was wearing sparkly tights from Snag which I've worn all the way through December really. 

Bucks Fizz in the morning, a lovely way to start the day

Lee got me this Barbie print which I will have to put up on the wall

And he also got me this yarn kit to make a Christmas blanket with, I may leave it until next year though!

My friend Philippa got me this print which I really love and which will also have to go on the wall haha

Lee bought me Elastica on vinyl. We listened to it on Boxing Day and it was great

My mum had seen this mystery book thing at a craft fair and decided to get me one as she was intrigued

And this is what was inside! I will read this as I bet his life is interesting

Lee got a dinosaur

The table looking all fancy before we started eating

We sort of got all four of us in to one photo

These are the boots my mum got me. We bought them in Sheffield when we were there at the beginning of December

I bought this t shirt for Lee as this is in fact exactly who he is

He got me Martha Wainwright on vinyl. I used to love her but hadn't listened to any of her stuff in a long time. So I'm looking forward to sitting down with this

The Converse my mum bought me! Aren't they ace?

Here I am making cheese sauce

And here's my dress in a better view, I love it!

My parsnip and mushroom wreath

Here's my plate! I love Christmas dinner!

One of the swaps I joined in with and I have to say both these books look ideal for me

Ice cream and cheesecake bottom - really yummy if just a bit different from how we planned it

A sticker I printed off!

Here's the printer itself, isn't it cute

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Christmas Eve 2023

On Christmas Eve we had a lazy morning because we hadn't got back from Durham until really late, so we just relaxed and got ready, and then drove over to my step aunt's in Doncaster. I mainly wanted to see my step cousin N, who I've hung out with a few times this year. We have a nice relationship I think. But it was also nice to see her mum and dad and her brother, and also her grandma, who was up visiting from Somerset. We had a buffet and it was really lovely. 

Lee and I got home about 8.30pm I think and quickly got everything packed up to go to my mum's for Christmas. This included taking all the presents and also the cats! At my mum's we helped her get stuff ready for the next day and then we just relaxed until late. I was wearing my What Would Dolly Do t-shirt and this wintry skirt that used to be a dress. The top of it didn't fit me so my mum made it into a skirt for me as it fits fine on my hips. 

It was a weird Christmas Eve but still a nice one! 

Here's Nirosha and I, she insisted on the MySpace angle haha

Here's Nishan and I - I haven't seen him in an absolute ice age so it was nice to 

It's never Christmas until you drive past the cranes near Meadowhall and they have their Christmas lights turned on

When I'd been past before they hadn't been on (not sure why) so I'm glad they were on Christmas Eve!

I was wearing my DM boots as usual and dark green tights from Better Tights. They fit me okay but they're not as comfy as Snag. Nice colour though

And here's my outfit in the evening before we went to bed

Friday, February 9, 2024

Saturday December 22nd

Lee's mam threw her customary Christmas party on the Saturday before Christmas and I think there were at least twenty of us and maybe as many as twenty-five, although not everyone was there at the same time. Lee is the eldest of five so that's a lot before you even start!

We left Lee's dad's just before noon. I was wearing a velvet Simply Be dress that I got a couple of years ago but save for Christmas. I was also wearing Snag tights with cobwebs on - they're cute but not the easiest to wear so it's sort of ideal if you're sitting around wearing them instead of walking around. 

Lee's mam made a veggie curry with Quorn, a chicken curry, a vegan curry, lots of rice, and then loads of buffet stuff. Lee's friend Paul and his wife Lianne always come to this family gathering and they're vegan but Bev had catered for them excellently. Lee's brother in law made a Biscoff cheesecake and it was lovely, and there was a lot of wine at the same time! We talked to everyone and I persuaded my eldest niece into a selfie with me before she left. 

At some point we sat in the front room and Lee's mam and stepdad and one of his brothers gave us our presents and vice versa. From Andrew and Libby I got a book I wanted and from Lee's mam I got some Lush shower stuff that I wanted and a bottle of Baileys, and some other bits, which is all lovely! One of Lee's other brothers and his wife put together a huge hamper for us which is lush, I've enjoyed eating bits of that over the holidays. 

We played Heads Up and Lee's brother in law made espresso martinis which I love so I appreciated a couple of those! It was absolute chaos the whole day. Lee's cousin turned up because I asked her because I like to see her little girl, so that was nice. Lee's sister in law Gemma let me take a selfie of us only when she had had a few drinks! Haha. 

Everyone had left by 10ish so we stayed for a little bit longer talking to Lee's mam and stepdad as we don't get to see them often. We left about 11pm. Lee doesn't drink so he was fine to drive home then as long as I stay awake to talk to him. He was hungry so we stopped at McDonald's on the way home, like you do. We got home just after 1am and unsurprisingly just crashed into bed!

Simply Be velvet dress and Snag tights - I love the colour of the dress

Face all made up ready for the party - my earrings were from Claire's and they're really cute Christmas trees

Quorn curry, it tasted a bit like Chinese takeaway curry

Here's me and Leah, I try to get a photo every year - she is nineteen now and so grown up!

Biscoff cheesecake!

Oh and this cake was made by Bev's neighbour and it was so simple and delicious!

Here's me and Lee's friend Paul who at this point is basically one of the family

This is his wife Lianne and I'm really happy she's been integrated too! She's a really lovely person

This isn't the best photo of Lee's brother Chris but it's the best one I got so it'll have to do!

Me and our soon to be sister in law Libby - she and Andrew get married next October!

Lee and Andrew and Libby

Lee and Andrew and Libby and their sister Kim

Paul's present... 

My youngest nephew Tommy. I have another niece from here too, Tommy's twin, but she refused a photo. Which is fine, she's allowed to say no!

I make all the siblings get a photo with their mam because it's not often they're all together

Their stepdad Gary got in, too!

Playing Heads Up - it was great because Tillie and Tommy could join in (they're 10)

Espresso martini! I love these and this was so nice!

Finally here's Gemma and I when she agreed to a photo!