Sunday, October 23, 2016

Ireland Trip Day Five - Waterford

First of all on the fifth day of our trip, we went into Cork city centre to have breakfast at Tara's tea room. I had pancakes and maple syrup which was yummy! We then made a quick detour to look at Jim Cashman's pub because of a family connection. Then we went to the butter museum! Sam was very excited about this, and it was quite interesting, I enjoyed it too.

Jac and I eating breakfast

Milk churns

Old butter wrappers

The museum

We then drove to Tipperary which wasn't actually that far away, and had a little wander round. I was surprised by the amount of free street parking in Ireland, it's good! 

This sculpture is new, hence the orange fencing still around it. 

We then drove to Waterford and checked into the Waterford Marina Hotel which was absolutely gorgeous, I'd recommend it! Our room was huge, right at the top of the hotel, and had beautiful views from windows on three sides. 

View from one window over the river

This wasn't even all of the room

We went to the Waterford Crystal shop which was interesting, then walked round the Viking area of Waterford which included this long boat:

And this little map of the area

I liked this mural

This house belonged to the architect who designed both the Anglican and Catholic cathedrals in Waterford, it's a really pretty Georgian house

We went into the medieval museum which was well worth it, it had loads of artefacts including a relic that is supposedly part of the true cross of Jesus, and a set of vestments that have pure gold thread on them, and which Catholics hid for over two hundred years!

The Waterford motto

The relic of the cross, supposedly

Gorgeous gold vestments

We then drove down to Cheekpoint to look at the river a little bit. It was a really sunny day and the little harbour was very cute. 

I really like photos of old, abandoned boats. 

Honestly it was a bit of a boat graveyard

We also came across this 13th century ruined church which was really pretty. The graveyard was really interesting too, with lots of locals buried there right up to modern times.

And then we accidentally ended up on a ferry! We drove to Passage East to look at the harbour there, and I went down a road and someone made a queue behind me, and then we realised there was a car ferry across the river. So, we got on it. Because why not? We went across to Ballyhack, got a drink in the pub, and watched the ferry go back and forth a bit before we went back over. 

Accidental ferry selfie

A picture of the little ferry from Ballyhack

After the ferry, we drove back to Waterford and had a really amazing three course meal at Sheehan's. The waiter there recognised our accents as being from Yorkshire, hah! Waterford was lovely, I'll definitely go back. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Ireland Trip Day Four - Cork

The Wednesday of our trip was the busiest. We left Galway and drove to Father Ted's house which is in the middle of nowhere down some small, grassy roads. You can get tea there but you have to make an appointment, so we just stopped to take pictures and then carried on to Limerick.

Craggy Island Parochial House!

The countryside is absolutely beautiful

See, proof that there was grass growing down the middle of the road

We didn't get to see much of Limerick, but we did eat a very delicious brunch. I took some photos of the river

We then drove to Tralee and around the coast to get to Cork, which was really lovely to see (I really like the sea, well water in general to be honest). 

Panorama photos are my new jam.

We got to Cork just in time to get to Cobh, formerly known as Queenstown, to go to the Titanic Experience. It was really good. We were all given someone to "be" as we went round - I was a 3rd class passenger called Delia McDermott who was one of the fourteen from Addergoole. She survived in a lifeboat. 

Plans of the boat. It's huge

The captain walking down one of the promenade decks

Now this is the actual pier that the tenders set off from with passengers to go on board Titanic! The museum is in the White Star Line ticket office and although Titanic would have fitted in this harbour (which by the way is the second largest natural harbour in the world after Sydney), time constraints meant that it was quicker for tenders to take passengers to Titanic which was moored just a little bit away.

More photos of the beautiful coastline, and a selfie that Sam took :) I love my best friends so much, you know. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ireland Trip Day Three - Galway

On the Tuesday of our trip we hired a car from north Dublin and set off to Galway. I'm the only one of us that drives, so I booked a smallish car, and was pleased to be given an Astra - my own car is a Corsa so it was very similar, just a little bigger in every direction, and all the controls were in the same places! Sam made us Irish themed mix CDs for the trip which we really enjoyed listening to.

Galway is absolutely stunning. We arrived just before lunch and checked into the hotel, the Connacht Hotel, which was nice enough. Then we drove to Salthill which has glorious beaches and views into Galway Bay. We had lunch at a seafood place there, and then had an ice cream.

I love beaches when they're all grey like this, just beautiful

We went to Katie's Claddagh Cottage which was extremely small, as demonstrated by me, 5'5", standing in a doorway. 

Then we went into Galway town centre and parked, and walked through the Latin Quarter looking at the shops and restaurants. 

We went back to the hotel for a bit and then drove west. One of the things I wanted to see was the sun setting over the Atlantic, so we went as far west as we could get. We were down a small track with a ruined building next to us. There were lots of clouds which was a shame, but we did manage to see some of the sunset. 

Panorama of a viewpoint about half way along our drive

This beach was my favourite I think

This was where we stopped for the sunset. There were hundreds of crab claws that birds must have discarded. 

Selfie of us waiting for the sunset.

This was about as good as it got

Very creepy abandoned building just next to us!

And here was my very cute hire car, I really liked it.