Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Trip to Cornwall - the Sunset

On Thursday evening the plan had been to just stay in and watch a film or two. I can't remember what we had to eat, if I'm honest, but I'm sure it was nice! Oh in fact maybe we had everything that was left put together because we had already planned to go out on Friday evening.

But then the sunset started to happen, and the sky was a gorgeous pink colour. I have never seen the sun set over the sea, so I wanted to do that, so Lee agreed and we set off in the car, both in our comfy clothes/pyjamas.

However, wherever we went, the sun was setting over the land and not over the sea. Lands End peninsula was just, like, in the way. It was partly due to it being midsummer, apparently. We've said that we're definitely going to find somewhere where we can watch the sunset over the sea - maybe not this summer but at some point.

But, the sunset was really pretty. We ended up near Kynance Cove looking at the sun setting over the higher land. We were out probably an hour, and it was definitely worth it even if I didn't get the sunset over the sea that I wanted.

And there it goes!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Trip to Cornwall - Day 6

On the Thursday of our holiday we set off with the intention of maybe going to Penzance to see what was happening there, so we set off west. Things took a bit longer than we thought (which they often do in Cornwall because the roads are small and there's lots of traffic) and we got hungry and thirsty, so we stopped in Marazion for lunch. Well, just outside it actually, right on the beach opposite St Michael's Mount. The beach was absolutely stunning so we sat outside in the beer garden of the Station pub. We had sandwiches and chips and onion rings, they were freshly cooked and really nice!

Then we drove back along the coast roads and down on to the Lizard again. We found a beach called Praa Sands and bought ice creams. We didn't actually go on to the beach which I sort of regret, but we weren't dressed suitably! It was so hot and there were so many people on it swimming and sunbathing.

We decided to go back to the holiday park to swim because it was really warm and the idea of water sounded good. When we got there, the water was like bath water because it was so warm. We had a really lovely swim and only left the pool when we had to at 4.45. I really wish the pool had stayed open later because I would've stayed until about 6.30pm for sure!

St Michael's Mount and the beach

Closer up - you had to walk across the causeway at this point I think


Across to Penzance - we could see where we'd been the day before at the pool

From the pub

Panorama across the beach

Looking towards Penzance again. How gorgeous does that sand look?

Yep I really could have gone down and paddled in these shallows

A tiny road on the way to Praa Sands

One of the coves

Praa Sands beach

The colour of the sea here was just beautiful too

The holiday park was near a Navy base and there were tons of helicopters flying over

The outdoor pool

Selfie in the sun!

Finally this is honestly how Lee spends most of his holiday when sunbathing - hidden under a towel! I was really impressed with the sunloungers round this pool by the way, they were really sturdy!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Trip to Cornwall - Lizard Point

On the Wednesday afternoon of our holiday, after we'd been swimming, we headed down to Lizard Point to see Britain's most southerly point. We went to Lands End when we were here before and I found it fascinating - you really feel like you're falling off the edge of the earth. I am not a natural explorer so I'm not someone who would've wondered what was over the sea in the olden days - I would've just stayed where I was and been content with it! Lizard Point doesn't feel quite as remote as Lands End because there are cliffs similarly southern quite close by, but it's still cool.

There's a car park at the top by the lighthouse and heritage centre, but we carried on down the narrow road and found a car park right on the Point itself. It's small, and Lee had to move his car when someone asked, but it served its purpose. We walked across to look down on the little beach - there's a curving path that goes all the way down and would be okay (although very strenuous) for pushchairs and  wheelchairs. We could also see the old lifeboat station, built in 1914! I loved that, I would have liked to see it close up but knew I couldn't make it down to the beach.

We went to the very end and took some photos. Then we went into Britain's Most Southerly Cafe and had fresh milkshakes, which were really good. I really liked Lizard Point - in fact we went back later in the week :) This post is really picture heavy but I'm not sorry! It was too gorgeous of a place!

Lizard Point lighthouse from further up on the peninsula

Lee really loves all these little roads I make him drive down

Looking to the right - that's the lifeboat station at the bottom

The cafe

Oh a better shot of the lifeboat station

I loved the sun sparkling on the sea here

Up towards the lighthouse. There are tons of paths that you could walk down if you're into rambling

This path at the front is the one that curves all the way round, which is good

These tiny rocks are the UK's most southerly point

Panorama across the point

It's maintained by the National Trust

I love this sign!

I wasn't sure if those waves breaking were on a sandbar or something?

I love this picture of me - I made it my profile picture on Facebook. I do love my subscription sunglasses - they're very chic 


We didn't go into the lighthouse but this is it anyway

Lee further round the point near Kynance Cove.

When we got back to the holiday park we went and played in the arcades for a bit, then went in and played a couple of games of pool. I can never beat Lee but I can make it difficult for him (this was his final yellow)

He got a blue slush and his tongue went this colour

A better photo of my dress and cardigan just before I got changed into my comfy stuff

Finally, these are some earrings I found again recently - my friend Chrissy made them and I absolutely love the beads

On Wednesday evening Lee made pan haggerty which is a North East classic that we only ever eat on holiday because it takes quite a bit of time and preparation!

Monday, August 6, 2018

What I Wore June 27th

After we'd been swimming we went back to the caravan to shower yet again and head out for the (late) afternoon. I put this dress on - I got it from Yours ages ago, and had been saving it for sunny days. I love the pattern on it and also thanks it has pockets!

It's a really lightweight dress to wear and I felt really comfortable in it. I took a cardigan with me but kept it off in the car cos I was so warm even with the air conditioning! I will definitely wear this dress again in good weather, it's gorgeous.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Trip to Cornwall - Day 5 - Jubilee Pool

So! On the Wednesday of our holiday we found yet another body of water to go swim in! Honestly, we didn't have a typical holiday for us at all, but thanks to the weather it was hard to want to do anything else than swim and sunbathe and chill out on beaches. Usually we go round tons of little villages, but it was just so hot, we didn't bother.

Anyway, after our trip to Hathersage Lido and how much we enjoyed that, I googled outdoor pools in Cornwall to see if we could find one nearby. Lots of them are on the north coast, but Jubilee Pool in Penzance wasn't far from us. So we set off and got to the pool around 11am.

It is huge. Like, I don't think the photos show you just how big it is. It's triangular, but at it's biggest, it is 96m like 50something metres. That's almost the same size as a football pitch! It is seawater, a bit filtered but not much. This means you can't see the bottom of the pool from not very deep. This is something I really struggle with, but I was really brave and we went across the pool and then to the very deep end. It is like 2.5m deep so REALLY deep! It is also really quite a swim!

We stayed mostly in the shallow bit after the trek round the whole pool. We got out and sunbathed for a bit, and then decided to stay a bit longer as we were having such a good time, so got some chips to share from the cafe. All around the pool are there gorgeous terraces to sit on and spread your towel out on, which was lovely. There were tons of people there. It is £5 to get in and as far as I could see there wasn't a time limit on that. It felt weird to me that the water was salty, though! The water isn't heated, so it is pretty chilly to get into, although they're hoping to add some kind of geothermal heating next year.

I would love to go back here - I'd love to be there right now! I recommend it!

On our way out we got ice creams from the cafe to eat on the way back to the caravan.

Me in the pool

And closer in 

History of the pool - I love the histories of all these old pools in Britain

Showing you the whole pool - it is absolutely massive

Lee on our way in. The sea is just beyond the tower there

Seagulls - I like them even though they're scavengers

Me sunbathing, so glamorous

It extends a lot on the left too. There's a shallower pool right on the left, but it wasn't open when we went.

How cute is the sign?!