Thursday, August 13, 2020

What I Wore 12th July

Recently we've been to Yummy Yorkshire a few times for ice cream. Their restaurant and parlour were still shut, but they have a little takeaway stand and it's been open since the middle of June, and we've been a few times to get ice cream. They've got portaloos and a marquee thing you can sit in, if those are things you want/need, but I didn't feel like they were safe enough, so we just sat in the car. It's about a fifteen minute drive from our house, meaning this activity took less than an hour, cost less than a tenner, and was good fun and got us both out of the house for a bit.

We decided we'd go one Sunday lunchtime in July. We had had a late brunch (poached eggs and smashed avocado on toast, and orange juice!) and then popped out. However, when we got there it was really busy. There were long queues for the takeaway stand, cars parked everywhere, kids running all over, and even their market was open again. I understand that they want to make money, and I'm not blaming anyone else if they did go, but it didn't feel safe enough for me, so we left. We went instead to Pot House Hamlet, which is nearer to our house. They have a cafe that is usually packed full, and also a takeaway ice cream stall. The stall wasn't open, but they have ice cream inside too. Inside, the tables were set well apart and everything was very clean and ordered, so it felt a lot safer. I would even have gone in and had something to eat had we not just had brunch, because it wasn't busy at all even though it was Sunday. I've said we should go back one day for lunch.

Everyone has different lines and limits in the current climate and I think we just all need to let each other get on with what they want to and let them set their own limits. I am very much going on "feeling" and often that's due to density of people and also how many (if any) of them are wearing masks. We're wearing masks in the shop, although I'm avoiding going into many shops and definitely not the supermarkets. We went into a record shop in Barnsley the other day and that felt fine and pretty clean. Plus it was nice to browse records, it felt really normal!

Anyway, I had a double cone of chocolate and strawberry and Lee had a tub of mint choc chip and chocolate. We sat on a wall in the sunshine to eat them.

I was wearing my blue and purple Scarlett & Jo skirt that I really love, and a plain black top from Simply Be. A simple outfit but a nice one!

Yummy ice cream, I think it's local

My outfit!

Monday, August 10, 2020

Films of the Month - June

I didn't watch many films in June at all, and I don't really have much reason as to why, except that I was watching a lot of TV. Oh, I did give up on Emmerdale though. I've watched Emmerdale faithfully for around four years, but I was getting fed up of it. Then the lockdown episodes really annoyed me and I just decided to not go back to it. It's the only soap I watch but I seem to have switched my allegiance to new franchises of Real Housewives instead. I'm faithful to Cheshire, Dallas, Potomac, and Melbourne, but Netflix persuaded me to try Beverly Hills and well, those women are on another scale... It's weird how TV tastes change.

Anyway, the films. Here's what I watched:

Sam and I watched Lion right at the beginning of June. We saw it at the cinema when it came out, but neither of us had seen it since then. It's really good and Dev is a babe, so it was great

After Ivy died Sam said if I wanted to watch something easy over that weekend, so we watched The Devil Wears Prada which I really like. I love Anne Hathaway, she's a babe too

Then next we watched Trainspotting, which neither of us had seen in forever. It's iconic, isn't it. I love it. I first saw it aged fourteen and I swear it put me off hard drugs for life

The following week Sam and I watched The Krays, starring Martin and Gary Kemp as the Kray twins. I have seen it before, but not for years. It's pretty good, I like it. Martin is really good especially

I'd never seen Juno and thought it was about time I did. I liked it, and the soundtrack is great

Lee and I watched Clueless, a film we both love and have seen a million times. I love it, I have started to watch the new Babysitters Club on Netflix where Alicia Silverstone plays Kristy's mom

Finally Sam and I watched this documentary about Adam Lambert singing with Queen. We're both big fans of Adam and Queen, so we were pleased when he started singing with them. We saw them in 2017 in Leeds, which I wrote about here. The documentary is really good, it goes through every thing that happened to Queen since Freddie died, up to and including Adam. We both enjoyed it

Friday, August 7, 2020

Lockdown Holiday Day 5

On day five of our lockdown holiday it was our fifteenth wedding anniversary! We were also celebrating being together for twenty years! Yep, a sixteen year old me asked out a 17 year old Lee way back in 2000. We had met online throught Lee's friend D, and then had met in person at a festival called Deconstruction in Manchester. We watched Mighty Mighty Bosstones and NoFX together and then a couple of weeks later I asked him out. We got engaged six months later and then got married just when I had finished uni. It feels like a lifetime - it is over half my lifetime! It's ridiculous. Anyway, clearly we couldn't celebrate in the way we wanted to - especially as we were supposed to be on holiday with family - but we managed to have a nice day anyway.

We swapped gifts first thing. I had bought Lee a copy of the Manic Street Preachers album Gold Against the Soul on vinyl as we didn't have it and he likes it. They're only just reissued it so I preordered it as soon as I heard. Lee bought me some nail polish that I had asked for - the shade is called Ivy so I wanted it! I'll have to get round to wearing it. My mum bought us some crystal hi-ball glasses which are the same as our nice wine glasses, and also it turns out that the 15th wedding anniversary gift is crystal, so that was appropriate! They're really nice.

We had to go to the post office so popped out. I've been selling SO many zines in lockdown (link to my Etsy shop if you're interested!) which is great for revenue but does mean we've have to take special trips to the post office as the one in our village shut down a couple of years ago. We had heard a concession was opening in our co-op but it hasn't happened yet. We also went to an independent coffee shop in Barnsley and got a drink each. I'm into a decaf iced caramel latte currently, theirs is delicious. We went to the flower shop in our village because I had ordered myself some peonies. Aren't they just absolutely gorgeous flowers? The woman who owns the shop is really nice too and I like supporting her small business. I said I wasn't bothered what else she put in the bouquet. Lee went in to get it and paid for it, ha. I love the white roses that are in the bouquet, it is so beautiful.

We came home and had leftovers for lunch and then did some more work on the flooring in our attic room. It's getting there! I'm not sure if I'll remember to post photos of it, but I'll try!

We sat outside for a bit in the early evening but it was really too hot even for me. Then we went to pick up food from a pub in a village nearby. I have been to the pub before and kept meaning to take Lee, and then I had their takeaway food recommended so I looked online at their menu on Thursday and rang up to order. Their choice wasn't huge, but enough. We ordered three courses each and it was about £35, which I thought was good value. We drove to the car park and there was a table outside which the pub staff put the food on when it was our turn. We brought it home and everything was really hot, which was good. It was delicious! I really enjoyed it and am glad we did it. I couldn't finish all my chocolate fudge cake but it'll save!

After that it had cooled down a lot so we went outside to do some work in the garden. Our planters are in a bad way and really need ripping up and starting again, but we had bought some bedding plants so needed to plant them, so we used a bunch of the pots we had hanging around. It was a nice temperature by this point, but still too hot to go to bed!

I was wearing another new dress. I got it from Crazy Clearance a few weeks prior, but I think it's a Simply Be one originally. I love the tie dye effect on it and I like the layered top. It's very cool for the summer and I like it!

Ivy nail polish

Lee looking pleased with his vinyl

New fancy glasses!

Some shots of my lovely flowers. I really like this one, all still curled up ready to open

They are selling this in our co op now so I bought some as it's my favourite. I put the glass in the freezer first to chill it down

Absolutely delicious homemade chocolate fudge cake with cream

And my lovely tie dye dress! 

Monday, August 3, 2020

Lockdown Holiday Day 4

On Day 4 of our lockdown holiday I had slept horribly so I went back to sleep about 8.30 and woke up just before 11am. I really needed it. It was so hot and I just hadn't slept. It was really lovely to sleep for a bit!

Then we decided to drive over to Huddersfield because we needed some stuff from B&Q, and because I said we should get some Dixon's milk ice. It is a Huddersfield firm and it's fabulous. They have a shop on Leeds Road and one in Lockwood, and they used to have a stall in the market too. They make milk ice, which is not ice cream exactly, it's made with milk not cream so it has a lovely texture and is sweet and delicious. They do flavours, but my favourite is the plain original, served in a tub with a flake, wafers, and raspberry sauce. It's delicious! We ate that then I said we should head up to Castle Hill.

I haven't been there in over a decade, and I wasn't sure how busy it would be, but it was fine. We sat in the sunshine for a bit and then came home. The paddling pool was still in the garden and still really warm, so we sat there for a bit. Lee got in it again.

We had a barbecue for tea as we would usually do that on holiday. We made halloumi kebabs and Lee had chicken, and we made potato salad and had salad and dips too. It was lovely!

Then in the evening I watched Sofie Hagen live online, which was cool!

Milk ice in the car

Panorama from Castle Hill

Castle Hill itself. There's no castle, just this old Victorian water tower

View across Huddersfield

Looking the other way

The sky was absolutely gorgeous and the view from up here is stunning

Kebabs! I love halloumi on the barbecue

And potato salad with spring onions. Gorgeous summer food!

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Lockdown Holiday Day 3

We had a lazy morning on the Wednesday of our holiday as we both needed showers and needed to sort some stuff out. We eventually set off around midday. We had some leftovers so we stuffed them into some pita breads and wrapped them up with some drinks and headed off to Cannon Hall to sit in the park there. I wasn't sure if it would be open but it was. We walked to some shade under a tree and ate our pitas. It was lovely!

We got ice creams from the van in the car park and then we had to go pick up Lee's car from Wakefield so we drove there. I got home before Lee as he'd had to get some petrol, and he'd also bought two Calippos so we sat in the garden with our feet in the paddling pool. It was so warm, the water, but still lovely. Lee went and put his swimming trunks on and sat in the pool, proving it can indeed be done even though it is very small.

I chilled out for a bit while Lee resealed the bath and some other stuff in the bathroom, something which has needed doing for ages but which we just haven't got round to. It was such a hot day so I laid in the darkened bedroom for a while. I was feeling pretty sad over Ivy's death actually, so gave myself permission to be sad a bit.

For tea Lee had said he would make pan haggerty. It's a traditional north east dish although there are variations. Lee's mam makes hers with the leftovers of Sunday dinner, but Lee makes what his grandma, who was from Northumberland, made. It's layers of potatoes, butter, onions, and cheese. It's not difficult, but it's quite labour intensive, so Lee tends to me it on holiday when he's got time to faff. It's delicious! We had it with fake chicken fillets and sweetcorn. I sat outside in the evening sun while he made it.

In the evening I had a date with my BFFs to watch the final of the Great British Sewing Bee. We've done this for a few weeks and it's been lovely. I made myself some pornstar martinis and drank them out of my fancy new martini glasses, which I'd bought off eBay.

I had worn the same dress that I wore on Sunday as it's ideal for the summer, but I had put my chub rub shorts on underneath instead of leggings. It was so hot so I needed to. I got them off Laura, who was getting rid of them but they're from Snag Tights originally. They're a gorgeous greeny turquoise colour which matched the dress perfectly. I have the same shorts in black, but why not go colourful if you can! I'd really recommend Snag Tights if you haven't tried them.

Bulgur wheat, fake chicken shawarma, cucumber and tzatziki all in the pita bread. Yummy!

Ice cream in the car

Calippo in the garden 

Lee sitting in the tiny paddling pool

And here's my shorts! They can stretch quite a long way but I was wearing them to my knee which was ideal under this dipped hem

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Lockdown Holiday Day 2

On the second day of our lockdown holiday I was determined we would find somewhere to go paddling. I have really missed swimming and water and I really want to go back to the gym, but obviously only when I'm sure it's safe and currently, I definitely don't think it is. So, a paddle in some water would have to do.

We set off from our house at about 12.30. We packed a picnic and our camping chairs (I swear those are going everywhere with us this summer) and headed to Underbank Reservoir, where we went a few weeks ago over one of the Bank Holidays. I knew it would be quieter and hoped we could sit near a bit where the water was more easily accessible. It was so quiet - there was only another couple at our side of the reservoir, and some sports and fishing going on over the other side. We ate our lunch and some very tame ducks came asking for food, so I fed them some breadsticks. We walked down to the river's edge and paddled. The water gets very deep very quickly and apparently it's very cold, so swimming is prohibited, and you can't paddle very far. But it was nice to put my feet into cold water! I had worn my Saltwater sandals as they're waterproof and ideal for paddling in. They don't look any different afterwards and they soften up easily enough too.

The temptation to chuck myself in the water was extremely high, though!

We drove to Yummy Yorkshire which is an ice cream parlour and currently they have an outlet open for takeaway ice creams. When we arrived, it was all really well set out with loads of signs and felt safe enough. I got a double cone with chocolate and salted caramel, both yummy!

We went home and napped for a bit as we'd both not slept well, I think due to the heat. Then we sat outside and filled up the paddling pool so we could both dip our feet in. It was lush! Lee was working on the flooring in the attic too, it is so almost finished! We ordered pizza too as a treat.


Lee relaxing in the shade

The three ducks brought friends!

I was quite jealous of these people paddle boarding

In the water! In water! 

I was wearing my flamingo skirt and pinkish top, it's one of my favourite summer outfits

Kisses in the queue at Yummy Yorkshire

Yay ice cream!

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Lockdown Holiday Day 1

Lee was off at the end of June. We were supposed to be on holiday in the Cotswolds, in a cottage on a holiday park with a spa, and I was really looking forward to spending so long in the swimming pool and getting to pootle round all those little villages. However, we clearly couldn't go away, but Lee decided to still have the week off. He really needed a holiday as he had been working flat out for about six weeks as there have been loads of problems with what he works on (he's a software developer) and he's had to spend hours sorting it out. We had lots of stuff to do around the house but I was determined that we would get some outdoor time and sunshine and do things each day, even if this only meant going into town for some coffee or something. I am still preferring to stay out of busy places, and I don't want to go shopping, for sure.

So, on the Monday Lee did some tidying up in our new garage (it's so complicated, but it's outside our house, and we're renting it) while I did wages for work as people obviously needed paying. Then I said we should go to the tip to get rid of loads of stuff we've accumulated during lockdown as we've been redecorating the attic. Lee played jenga to get everything into my car, as his was at the garage. Mine is a Vauxhall Corsa, and it's surprising exactly how much stuff you can fit in it. I drove and Lee sat in the back squashed in by the old sofa bed.

We had to queue at the tip in a very confusing manner, so we swapped round so Lee could drive. I was in the back, very squashed, but I was glad I had my book with me as we waited around half an hour. We got rid of loads of stuff and then went to the petrol station and bought ice creams from there. We came home and ate them in the sun tent in the garden, which was lovely. We also bought a paddling pool a few weeks ago - it's really small but definitely big enough to put our feet in and cool down on a hot day. I said we should start filling it, so we did.

It was a nice, relaxing first day!

Me in the front of my car all squished in

And even more squished in the back!

Solero in the sun tent

Paddling pool!

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Father's Day Day Out

I messaged my mum the day before Father's Day to ask if we could go over for lunch and to take my stepdad his Father's Day present. We had some picnic stuff left over from the park the day before, so she didn't need to worry about feeding us. She said yes, so we set off about 12.30 and headed over.

We can walk into the back garden without touching a gate or a door, and when we're there we sit apart by at least two metres. We take our camping chairs and picnic set so we're not using their crockery or anything. We washed our hands outside and used antibac throughout the day. It feels safe enough, so we did it. We had lunch together and I had taken stuff to make mojitos so we each did that so we weren't cross contaminating anything that way.

It was sunny but there were clouds coming across quite a lot meaning there were less sunny bits. The wind was quite strong so the clouds were moving quickly. We had some wine and sat for ages. I was enjoying myself just sitting in the sun and being somewhere that wasn't my own house. I think I said that Lee was off work and I was determined that we would both have a break, and I certainly felt relaxed sitting in the sunshine chatting.

We bought my stepdad a gin tasting kit that you do from home, you order it and all the stuff comes to your house but then there's videos you can watch online so that you can be told about the gin and stuff. He really loved it, he likes gin but isn't able to get out much at the moment, so it's ideal. It's my mum and stepdad's 10th wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks so they said they might order it for then which would make it quite a nice special occasion for them.

About 5pm I was thinking about tea and I looked at what takeaway options are available at my mum's house, which is in the next town over from us (although only about 15 minutes drive from us thanks to the motorway). I think I've said that I've been missing takeaway options that aren't Indian, Chinese, or kebabs. Well at my mum's a Turkish restaurant popped up, and I immediately thought that sounded great, so I coerced everyone else into it too. Not that they took much persuading! I ordered veggie halloumi kebab and everyone else ordered chicken. It didn't take very long to arrive and it was SO GOOD. We all enjoyed it a lot and it was so nice to eat together.

We left not long after that. I had had sun and alcohol and was very tired! I was wearing this new dress from Simply Be, I got it a couple of weeks ago and the minute I tried it on I knew I would have to keep it. It's got a lovely bardot top which I like as I quite like to show off my shoulders, and the top has all sheered elastic to it which gives it a nice stretch. The bottom has a fake wrap to it, but when I sit down it doesn't split too far, and then it has the nice high low hem too. Plus I absolutely LOVE the print! Everyone agreed it was lovely and when I put it on Instagram I got a ton of comments too! I will be wearing it a lot this summer I think!

Making mojitos

Oh and then blood orange gin in a fancy glass

Halloumi kebab with rice and salad and yoghurt - everything came like this which meant there was plenty for everyone

My view for most of the afternoon

And here's the dress of dreams! Isn't it lovely?