Sunday, February 17, 2013

What I Wore February 13th

I'm a few weeks into my MA now and it's going well. At the moment, because I'm part time, I just have one lecture a week, and an evening, optional Masterclass. I'm being taught about "The Novel" by a published author; we have an hour's lecture and then an hour spent critiquing the work of others in our class.

I get the train to Sheffield and either meet a friend (I have some awesome rad Sheffield friends) or go into uni and get something to eat and read a book until lecture time. Between the lecture and the masterclass I sit and chat with people on my course, which is nice. Most of them have already done a semester or two and know each other, so I'm trying to make friends. I can be incredibly awkward at times, but I talked to a nice woman about feminism this week, and a lad about films, so that was nice.

This week I met up with Bettie for lunch as she was already in Sheffield. We went into the Winter Gardens, and mooched around the shop afterwards. They had a bargain on for 20 postcards for £1! I thought I was misreading it, the cashier said lots of people do. I've already given some away as gifts :) I love postcards!

Anyway, here's what I wore:

I recently bought a bunch of things in the sale from Asos Curve, and this was one of the dresses I kept. I love red, and this is a beautiful stretch jersey dress with black polka dots. It came with the belt, and has belt loops. I'm wearing leggings that I recently got on eBay for £5 (my Evans ones disintegrated), and my Dr Marten dolly shoes. 

I look a bit dishevelled because, slightly before this, I fell over in the snow/ice and skinned my knee, jarred my shoulder, wrist, bruised my calf, etc etc. And shocked myself too! A nice student helped me up, bless him. So I was in need of sympathy when I met Bettie, which she gladly gave! She also took the photo. 

I would share a picture of the scab on my knee, but it's just too gross.


  1. you look fab i love that dress its gorgeous xx

  2. The dress is lovely! I have those shoes, they're so comfortable, aren't they? x x

    Just me Leah