Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas tradition tag

I stole this from my lovely friend Beth

1. When does Christmas start for you?
I start buying presents in September or October as it spreads the cost a bit. I usually have them all wrapped by the beginning of December but I'm so behind due to doing Nanowrimo. I need to get a move on! 
2. What is one Christmas movie you must watch? 
Lee and I usually watch Die Hard as we put the Christmas tree up. I'm not much of one for a Christmas film.
3. Do you bake a Christmas cake or buy one?
My mum always bakes one and Lee doesn't like fruit cake so I've never bothered, but this year I actually have. We baked it a couple of weeks ago but I still need to ice it. I've bought the decorations and everything, I just haven't done it yet. 
4. When do you put up your Christmas tree?
The first weekend of December usually but as the 1st was a Monday this year we actually put it up on 30th November!
5. Do you have a real or fake Christmas tree?
We have a fake one that we bought when we moved in together, but a couple of years ago I wanted a real one like we had when I was little. We've decided we're going to alternate, so we bought one from The Range this year; it's only about 5' tall but it's lovely. 
6. When do you start playing Christmas music?
I will listen to Christmas music in October if I want to!
7. Do you use the same Christmas decorations each year or buy new ones?
We have a lot of old ones from my childhood and from our life together, but we usually add a new one. This year's is a dove carved out of cinnamon wood, it smells delicious!
8. How do you spend Christmas Eve?
I often see my friends and sometimes Lee works half day, but then we get everything together and head to my Mum's. 
9. Advent calendar or no advent calendar?
I often have a chocolate one, and for the past few years I've done an advent swap of 24 little presents. I'll post about this later!
10. Do you leave a snack out for Santa and his reindeers?
No but I used to when I was litt.e 
11. How does Santa get into your house?
We never had a chimney when I was little so Santa came in through the window I think.
12. Mince pies, yay or nay?
Love them!
13. Snowballs, eggnog, or mulled wine?
Snowballs or mulled wine, both delicious!
14. What scents remind you of Christmas?
Like a cinnamon-y orange, or a pine tree
15. How do you spend Christmas Day?
I always wake up really early but I wait until about 9 to get up. I always wear a special outfit and we usually have Buck's Fizz for breakfast. We spread out our lunch and our presents throughout the day and often eat pudding around 8pm. We'll quite often play a game, and there's lots of alcohol for me. It's a really relaxed day. 

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