Saturday, May 9, 2015

Films of the Month April 2015

I didn't watch many films at all in April. I'm not sure why! I've already broken the number in May, only a few days in.

Ah well, here's what I did watch.

1) X Men - Days of Future Past - I saw this in the cinema when it came out and have seen it a few times since. I love it! I'm not keen on the other X Men films but this one has James McAvoy in it so you know

2 Frozen - I have seen this before but I felt like watching it again. It's very sweet.

3) Toy Story - I watched this with Lee, they're all great aren't they?

4) Save the Last Dance - This is one of my favourite comfort films. I first saw it at university over ten years ago and I watch it fairly regularly. I love films about dancing, I love the soundtrack, I love Julia Stiles.

Like I said, I've already watched more films in May than I managed in April, so I'll be back next month to share them!

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