Monday, November 14, 2016

What I Wore at Portland Bill

I bought this dress and cardigan recently in the sale at Simply Be. They're both from the Sprinkle of Glitter collection and I liked them both. I love the pattern on the dress and the cardigan is like one of those ballet wrap-around cardigans, I LOVE it. I wore it in Ireland but didn't get a decent photo of it, so I wore it in Dorset with this dress. They look lovely together, don't they?

The dress has a navy blue background and this lovely pattern. It has a zip on the side and a tie on the waist, and thick straps. And it has POCKETS! Really lovely DEEP, useful pockets. The cardigan is also navy (I'm not sure whether the colour will show up properly on the screen) and has really nice long ties to tie behind my back.

I'm posing by the sea, and I don't care! The dress is a nice thick cotton with a slight stretch to it.

Showing off the pockets! 

The cardigan kept me nice and warm, it wasn't cold but the sea breeze was a bit chilly. 

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