Thursday, January 23, 2014

Big Boogie Prom

Last year while I was on holiday I had the idea to put on a plus size prom. I was thinking about how when I was at school they didn't exist, and if they had I would have found it difficult to find something that I felt comfortable in and I would have felt out of place. I know fat fashion has come on leaps and bounds in recent years but I bet there's still fat teenagers who struggle to feel as beautiful as their thin counterparts. So I felt like a prom was needed.

When I got back, I started looking at venues and sorting out dates. The prom will take place on 29th March 2014. I have chosen Cedar Court Hotel in Wakefield which is just off Junction 39 of the M1. There are other hotels nearby and Wakefield Westgate is a short taxi ride away. 

When I was talking to a friend we talked about how people other than fat women may have had issues with proms and such, and therefore we've extended the remit to have a queer slant to it, and want to extend the invitation to queer people, trans people, older people, and so on. Basically everyone is welcome!

The ticket price is £25 and you can find links here on the website. The ticket price includes a welcome drink, a buffet, and a disco. There will be other things available as money permits. You will have to buy drinks other than the first one, though.

There's a Twitter @bigboogieprom where I can answer any questions but here's a few that I've already been asked:

- There is no "minimum fatness" requirement! This prom is for anyone.
- There is no dress code. Yes, some people will be in fancy dresses and suits. But if that isn't your thing or within your budget, there will be no shame in your turning up in a t-shirt and jeans.
- I am actively looking for sponsorship if you are in a position to offer help, contacts, or if you own a shop and can offer a discount for our goodie bags!

Please do consider coming and making it a night to remember! 

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