Wednesday, January 29, 2014

@SimplyBe outfit - What I Wore January 27th

I had a meeting with a client today - which is a posh way of saying I met up with a friend that I'm doing some work with. We went to a lovely bar in Sheffield called Bungalows and Bears which used to be a fire station, it's a lovely building. I had a yummy chorizo and halloumi burger and a good old chat with my friend.

I got this tunic in a two pack from Simply Be in the sale. The other one is dark grey and I liked both colours. This is a definite tunic - it doesn't cover my bum so I wouldn't wear it by itself! So I decided to pair it with my Simply Be jeans which I tucked into my Simply Be boots! Definitely all Simply Be-ed out today! I think it all works well together though. 

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