Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Books of the Month - September 2015

I read a lot in September! Here's the rundown:

1) Courtney Summers - All the Rage. I got this on NetGalley and really enjoyed it; the main character is really well-written and utterly badass
2) Peter Robinson - Friend of the Devil. I love the DCI Banks book and have read most of them. This was a recent one and I like how the technology goes on throughout the series. They're pretty basic police procedurals, but Banks is a likeable renegade and I love the North Yorkshire setting


3) Katie French - The Breeders. This had so much potential but just wasn't that good.
4) Abbie Rushton - Unspeakable. I didn't like this much, either. The main character was annoying and I didn't like the story resolution

5) Robin Talley - What We Left Behind. I loved this, it's about a teenage couple who are going to separate colleges, one of them is going through a lot of gender identity stuff. It's not yet published but do look out for it
6) Robin Stevens - First Class Murder. This is a cute middle grade novel about 13 year old detectives, very much in the vein of Malory Towers or the Famous Five. I enjoyed it.

7) Matthew Crow - In Bloom. I wanted to love this, but just didn't. The main character got on my nerves a LOT

As usual, my YA/middle grade book reviews can be found in more depth here

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