Friday, January 8, 2016

A new tattoo

At the beginning of December my darling friend Lucinda came to visit me and we decided to finally get the matching tattoos we've been talking about for ages, as she's about to move to Canada to study and I'm going to really miss her!

The tattoo says "Just chasing these words across the page", which is a line from the Libertines song You're My Waterloo. It reminds us of each other and also that we're both writers. Lucinda has a quill on her right foot so it looks like the words come from that. I decided to get mine in the same place. It was THE most painful thing ever - I whimpered throughout the whole thing, and swore a lot too.

I love it now, though, it's just gorgeous. The rainbow watercolour dots were an impromptu addition to match Lucinda's.

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