Thursday, August 17, 2017

Family Wedding and What I Wore 24th June

The 24th of June was my cousin Rob's wedding and he married his fiancee Beth in Leicester, where they've both been at uni. We just went for the day there and back, but we had such a lovely time. I think I'll share a few photos instead of blathering too much:

My uncle and aunt (my mum's sister). Isn't Caroline's dress gorgeous? My mum helped her pick it and I think it's gorgeous, especially with the blue accessories to make it pop

Here's my cousin Peter, Rob's younger brother. He scrubs up well! 

Here's Peter and me. I'm wearing a new dress from Scarlett & Jo, I wanted a new dress for the wedding and it was £25 in the sale

And here's Peter swwping up confetti afterwards, bless him.

Along with one of Rob's ushers, who sang Chim Chiminy as he did so.

Here are my grandma, Peter, Caroline, Rob, Beth, Neil, and Neil's mum

Aww look at my cousins all grown up and handsome

They do like each other honest

Inside the reception venue

Peter and me again later. I swear he didn't used to be that tall

Groom and groomsmen on the bouncy castle

Peter bouncing, he's a good gymnast but I don't think he had room on here to somersault

The cake had a nautical theme

And these two very cute ducks on the top

The evening reception was a ceilidh, which I've never been to before but I really enjoyed it. I danced the first dance, it was so fast! I loved the music.

And lastly here's the bride and groom :)

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