Saturday, January 27, 2018

My New Office Chair

For Christmas my mum and stepdad bought me a new office chair. This may not seem like a big deal, but I spend a lot of time in my "office" so I need a comfortable chair. I had a big desk in the attic with my laptop, TV monitor, printer, all my stationery and craft stuff, all of that business. It's my den!

My old chair was my dad's. He'd got it for his office at work only a few months before he died in 2008. It looked a bit like this, a proper posh leather executive thing. When we cleared out his office my mum considered taking it, but it was too big for her home office, which is tiny, so I took it. For nearly ten years I've loved it and really liked the fact that it was my dad's, so I'm really sad to have lost it.

But, it was knackered. We'd had to replace the legs twice and the leather was starting to peel, and the hydraulics didn't work so it was getting quite uncomfortable to sit in. So I asked my mum to buy me another for Christmas, which she did. She got it from an office outlet place in Wakefield which offered free delivery and couldn't have been nicer to her. She put a bow on it for me for Christmas, haha

I really like it, it's really adjustable which is great, I've been faffing with all the settings until it feels perfect for me. I like the colour, too. I'm sad to have lost my dad's chair, because it was his, but I did get to use it for ten years, and I do now have a really fancy brand new chair to replace it.


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