Sunday, June 9, 2019

Trip to Wales - Day 2

On the Tuesday of our holiday we had a lazy morning and made use of the huge roll top bath. I had bought a few bath bombs to take, I think this one was Intergalactic which I actually got as a present from my friend Lucinda for my birthday. I love wallowing in a bath but ours at home is tiny so it's not something I get to do very often.

Just before lunch we set off out to St David's, a tiny place that is as small as a village but has a cathedral so it's a city. It's the most western place in Wales and I've wanted to go for ages. We went into the cathedral and headed to the refectory for something to eat. It was all homemade and delicious, I was glad we'd gone.

Then we walked round the cathedral. This is something I like doing - I'm not particularly religious but I like the quiet majesty of a big place of worship, and I like to light a candle for my lost loved ones if I can. Lee's not often one for cathedrals but he liked looking at everything too. We looked at the shrine of St David and at all these gorgeous artworks in circles. I took pictures of all nine of them but I'll just share this one here. They were so beautiful and I really connected with then. They were huge - about three feet in diameter!

After we'd been to St David's we drove up the coast slightly. You know us, we like to look at the sea, so we stopped at Porthgain and had some ice cream. It wasn't hugely warm but it was really lovely and sunny.

In the evening we made pan haggerty for tea. It's a Geordie dish, with lots of small variations in the region. Lee makes his just with butter and cheese like his grandma used to make. He always makes it on holiday; it's become a tradition. It's a bit labour intensive so needs you to have lots of time to make it. It's layered potatoes and butter and cheese and baked in a pan. It's yummy!

Bath bomb! The bath was HUGE. In my dreams I would have a bath like this

A cat! It was pretty feral and quite filthy but Lee gave it some milk and it came back to see us every day

On the way to St David's

The cathedral

Looking up towards where you can walk into the city

Inside the nave


The clock tower

I took this of us in the courtyard

I loved these really natural really beautiful artworks

The shrine of St David

Weirdly the floor in the main part of the cathedral slopes upwards, it was very odd

Porthgain with the tide out


Lee managed to find ice cream for us :) 

Looking out at the sea in Goodwick really close to where we stayed

These were the flowers from the vow renewal, I gave some to my mum and aunt and grandma and cousin, and then put these flowers in one jar and took it with us on holiday. It brightened up the table!

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