Wednesday, June 5, 2019

What I Wore May 5th

The day after the vow renewal some of my family and friends were still around, so we'd arranged to go to a local pub for lunch. Lee's family had left early since his mam had hurt her foot and wanted to go and get it x rayed. It was a shame but nothing she could help, of course! As I said it turned out to be badly sprained but thankfully not broken.

I wore my underskirt as a skirt, I think that with seven layers and leggings underneath it works fine! It is a bit scratchy but I will definitely wear it again. I paired it with this new top from Simply Be, I love the lips and they're made of sequins.

I was of course also wearing my new wedding ring! It's the ring on the left, it's from Ernest Jones and we had a really nice time choosing it together. I love it, I think it matches my other rings (my engagement ring and the other one is my eternity ring which I got in 2015 when we'd been married for ten years) and I think it's such a lovely symbol of our new start.

We had nice lunch and then everyone had to go. I was exhausted so kind of glad to be able to relax in my pyjamas for the rest of the day!

Simply Be top and rainbow netting underskirt worn as skirt

My new wedding ring on the left :) 

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