Saturday, September 27, 2014

Clothes Swap in Leeds

I first attended a clothes swap in Leeds almost three years ago, organised by Kirsty and Emily. But then Kirsty moved and Emily had other commitments, so I took over a couple of years ago. To be honest, I feel like it runs itself. I book a room at Wharf Chambers, set out some tables, and sit on the door, basically! I have help from other people which is great.

We charge £1 entry as Wharf charges us for room hire, even though it is low. There's almost never profit and if there has been it has gone to other community events, such as a zine fest. I'm not in it to make money!

We don't have any kind of bring-five-items-take-five-items or token system, as to be honest there's always SO much left over that I feel if you need clothes, you're free to take them. In the past I have stored leftovers (which is a pain) but recently a charity I work for had an appeal out for women's clothes at a prison near here, so I took them there. Yay, more good works!

I'm not sure yet on a date for the next one, but everyone is welcome to come! We accept clothes for all genders in a size L or 16UK and above.

Here I am on the door:

I was wearing the Pocket Rocket ice cream dress from Simply Be last summer. I don't wear it much but it was perfect for the day. It's so bright and cheerful!

I also wore the Fat Bitch necklace from Black Heart Creatives. Now, my calling myself that is a reclaiming of the insult, an insult that I've heard thousands of times over the years, from when I was very small. I don't advocate anyone and especially any woman calling any other woman a bitch. It's a horrible, misogynistic word. I bought this necklace as a reclamation for myself.

I haven't actually worn it before and I felt quite nervous as I set off. I went into the Post Office to get some change (you always need it on the door as the first person will pay with a £5 note!) and the lady behind the counter surprised me by saying "I need that necklace!" I liked wearing it and may do so again soon!

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