Thursday, September 25, 2014

What I Wore September 18th

I was away last week on a conference for one of my jobs (I am a self-employed bookkeeper and currently work for two charities and an ad agency). I went before in 2011 but I was newer in my post and less confident in myself generally, so I struggled through it. I wasn't really looking forward to going this time, but I actually had a really great time meeting new people and talking to my colleagues more.

I had recently bought some stuff from H&M. Their plus size collection is not amazing, but it does have great basics at good prices. I liked this top a lot; it has decent sleeves that meant I didn't need a cardigan while walking around outside, but it's quite thin so I didn't get too warm while I was inside (last time I had been way too warm inside). I also like the colour, it's a nice summer-to-autumn shade I think!

The top is £7.99 I think, such a bargain! 
The skirt is the black skirt from Yours that I wear a lot

Thank you Yvonne for taking this photo!

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