Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Outfit of the Evening July 20th

Lee and I had a couple of days away in Whitby in the middle of July, because we had some spare time and we both like it there. Just previously, I'd bought three dresses in the 50% sale on the Scarlett and Jo website and I took two of them with me. The first I wore is this Lollidot border dress. It's very similar to other dresses from S&J, but I find that a) they suit me and b) they feel good when I'm wearing them. This one is slightly different because the top is very thin jersey and the skirt is cotton, but I found that this made the dress much more suitable for the very hot day!

I wore it to go out to eat with black leggings and sandals. I took this picture in our room. We'd booked a room but ended up with an apartment, which was lovely! More on that later though.

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