Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What I Wore 4th March

This was a casual Saturday for Lee and I and a casual outfit for me. We woke up late, got ready, and loaded the car with a ton of cardboard and rubbish that was hanging around outside the house. It was wet due to the rain and was making the place look untidy, so we finally did something about it and took it all to the tip. There's something very satisfying about chucking stuff into the huge containers!

Then we went to Lidl to pick up a few bits. How bloody good is Lidl?! It's like being in France. We got some bread, some croissants, some freezer bits and some apple juice which was half price, all for £16.29. I can't complain.

Then we went to The Range to buy a new scratching post for the cat in the vain hope she might stop scratching the floor and the sofa in the living room. Since we were there, I suggested we go to Pizza Hut for lunch. It was nice enough, I haven't been in years and I'm glad they never change the salad. We then went down a road I've never been down before because Lee wanted to show me Barnsley Antiques Centre.

Near it was a card making/scrapbooking shop which I've also never seen, so we had a wander round that. I bought a few bits and I'll definitely go back. The antiques centre is amazing! So many curious and stuff, we spent ages in there poking around!

When we got home I felt a bit miserable. I felt filthy and my hair felt gross, I decided to have a nice hot shower to see if that made me feel better. I scrubbed my face clean and when I got out I used my fancy perfume just because I love the smell. It did help me feel better. I let my hair dry naturally which means it's all wavy and fluffy, but it smells clean which is the main thing.

I don't often feel so bad, but self care is important and I'm glad that I did my best to make myself feel better.

Here's what I wore to go out, anyway. I bought this dress years ago and I wore it loads, but it's been at the back of my wardrobe for a while. But I wore it twice this week. I love the dots, it's just a really fun dress.

I swear I do have my eyes open - it's these glasses!

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