Sunday, July 22, 2018

What I Wore 24th June

One of the things about being on holiday and going swimming a lot is that I end up getting changed a lot! I think my record was four times in one day. But that does mean that I got lots of outfit photos for my blog!

I had bought this cover up for the pool a few weeks ago on Crazy Clearance because it was really really cheap and I liked it a lot and thought it would be perfect to shade me a little bit from the sunshine. My swimming costume came from Yours, but a while ago. I like it though, it feels comfortable but also looks really lovely. I will definitely be taking the wrap with me on holiday later in the year too.

I always try to wear either a hat or a headscarf when swimming in the sun because I do burn my head easily. I forgot one day and ended up with a burnt parting which is so painful and then awful when it peels!

After my shower I got dressed. I had taken this yellow Scarlett & Jo skirt because it's perfect in the summer as it's just one layer and really cool. I bought this top three years ago just before we went to France and although I don't wear it a lot I do really like it and I thought it looked cute with this skirt.

We took this photo on the steps of the caravan just before we sat outside in the late sunshine with a cold drink each!

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