Friday, May 5, 2017

Lunch at Huckleberry's

On the Sunday of our trip to York, after we'd left the caravan, we went to Huckleberry's Diner just outside of York on the A64 for lunch. I've been before (when on my way home from The Orange Tree with Laura last year) but Lee never had. It gets really busy so I was glad we got there just after noon.

I went for Black Cherry Cream Soda to drink and I wasn't disappointed. It was so good I might have to buy myself some for home.

I then went for the New Porker hot dog, which is a stupid name but that's part of their whole thing. It had pulled chicken on it, cheese sauce, and crispy onions, and was served with onion rings and chips. 

Lee had a vegetarian hot dog with onions and chilli on top. He liked it a lot. 

I also really liked this wallpaper in the toilets!

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