Sunday, May 7, 2017

What I Wore April 2nd

This is what I wore at the end of March and on the Sunday of our trip away. Some of this stuff is new. I needed some new leggings so I picked some up in Evans at the White Rose centre for £10. They're comfortable and stretchy which is what I like in a pair of leggings. My top is also new; it came in a multipack from Simply Be with a blue one and a red one, I believe. I'm wearing a new bra too, although you can't see it. It's black and is a Flirtelle one, and it's really, really comfortable!

The skirt is from Scarlett & Jo and it's nicely lined but with this gorgeous chiffon layer on top. The shrug is ancient, from New Look, and I would really like a navy blue cardigan to wear with this outfit instead! Oh well, maybe I'll look for one of them soon.

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