Monday, June 12, 2017

Stationery Heaven haul

In May I had a little splurge on some new letter stationery so I thought I'd post about the company and what I got, because I really liked them and I like to promote small companies like this.

You might know that I have a lot of penpals and I really like writing letters and sending mail. I have a lot of stationery but I can never seem to resist more, and when someone on my penpal group shared a link to this website I had a browse and then placed an order. The order arrived really quickly and I was so excited to see what was inside!

I ordered from Stationery Heaven which is based in the Netherlands but the order arrived in really good time. It was well packaged and I had to cut the tape carefully. Inside was this gorgeous envelope and sticker. I'll definitely be reusing this envelope!

It was like Christmas! I was being so careful. This Amy & Tim notebook was a free gift, it's so cute. 

I loved this ice cream letter pad, I love kawaii food stuff like this. 

I'm not sure I've ever seen Toy Story stationery before so I liked this pad. 

Who can resist unicorn paper? I love the rainbow on the hair. 

And this matching cat paper is just gorgeous too. 

And then my last thing was this surprise lot of letter paper. The paper inside has a very cute fat bird on it! 

I'm definitely looking forward to getting to use some of this stuff :) 

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