Monday, February 29, 2016

Bettie and Jen's Wedding

I've scheduled this post for the 29th of February just because that day never usually exists!

My good friends Bettie and Jen got married at the beginning of February and Lee and I were invited to the evening reception along with a bunch of people we know, so it was lovely to celebrate with Bettie and Jen and hang out with some lovely people.

I wore the Scarlett & Jo prom dress that I also wore for my stepdad's 60th - it's such a gorgeous dress but easy to wear. Laura was wearing one of the Scarlett & Jo velvet dresses and she looked amazing in it!

Laura and I were drinking lots of cocktails - I think this was a Cosmopolitan. 

Lolly and me, it was lovely to hang out with her

Bettie's mum had a photobooth with loads of props - Laura looks great I'm sure you'll agree!

Here's the brides Bettie and Jen rocking out

And here's who were were hanging with - Lou and Simon, Claire and Sandra, Chella and Sarah, Laura, and me!

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