Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Photo an Hour - April

Saturday April the 23rd was Photo an Hour and although I had a boring day, I went out in the evening to my cousin's engagement meal, which was really lovely. Here's my photos.

10am, Lee was away and I went downstairs to feed the cat and play on the WiiU for a bit. I've been playing Yoshi's Woolly World!

11am, I made myself a frothy coffee

Noon, I was watching Masterchef on the computer

1pm, I was writing a bit

2pm watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

3pm, I was really bored but it wasn't quite time to actually do anything

4pm, I packed my stuff ready to stay at my mum's

5pm, outside my mum's house 

6pm, made up ready for the meal!

7pm, Dave took this of Stacey, me and him

8pm, this is my cousin Peter (his brother is the one who got engaged) and my grandma, who recently turned 90 can you believe!

9pm, this is family chatting - my mum on the left

10pm I had a Baileys nightcap

11pm I was in the spare room at my mum's ready for sleep - this is a portrait of me from when I was about 11!

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