Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ireland Trip Day Two - Dublin

The Monday of our holiday was Jacqui's birthday so we started off by chilling out in the apartment and gave her her birthday presents before setting off out into the city. We went on a tram! I love trams. We ended up at Temple Bar for lunch, and went into the Temple Bar pub itself. It was expensive but so worth it - really delicious.

A lock crane on the canal docks

Tram faces!

Birthday girl

Looking down the Liffey

Temple Bar is just so beautiful, I love it

Sam with her Temple Bar Old Fashioned

Me with same

My lunch - a smoked salmon and potato salad sandwich. Incredibly yummy!

After lunch we wandered up to Trinity College, going past the Bloom Hotel as we did so. The murals were really beautiful!

Trinity College was FULL of students, but we managed to get into the Book of Kells with no problems. I saw it in 2006 but it was lovely to see it again. It is so beautiful! The amount of effort that goes into making something like this is just unbelievable to me. 

Trinity College

The college library. The number of books here is just amazing.

This sculpture "Sphere Within A Sphere" is also in the grounds of Trinity College. We thought it looked like the Death Star. 

We then walked up to the Little Museum of Dublin and on the way walked past this!

I love record shops

The museum was really cute, I'd recommend it. The guide was really funny and there's so much STUFF in it, all of it really interesting. 

I love old sewing machines.

We also came across this weird seat/palm tree thing so couldn't resist taking photos! 

After the museum we went back to the apartment, calling in first at the shop to buy supplies for the evening. Jac wanted to stay in for her birthday, so we cooked curry, drank wine, and watched rubbish TV - it was lovely!

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