Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Printed wood necklaces from Life's Big Canvas

I have this amazing friend called Pesky Chloe. She is an artist; she has made jewellery in the past and now she makes badges and origami. She's always thinking of things to do and make and I love how much she pushes herself forward.

Her husband Ian is also a really talented artist - in fact he's one of the Mouth and Foot Painting artists and his work can be seen on their website here. Chloe decided to combine their skills and had these printed wood pieces made, which she has then made into necklaces and brooches.

I got all three because I just couldn't choose my favourite. I love the colours, the shapes, and the size of them - they're not small so they make quite a statement!

You can buy them here on Chloe's shop, which I strongly recommend taking a good look around. I'm wearing the poppy one today along with a peach t-shirt!

Which one do you like best?

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