Sunday, February 22, 2015

Visit to Topsy Curvy in Manchester

I met the lovely girls from Topsy Curvy at Style XL last year, when I modelled for them. They mentioned that the shop is on Bury Old Rd on the outskirts of Manchester, so when I went to a place nearby yesterday I decided to go to the shop.

It's really easy to find from the M60, and parking wasn't a problem. I had mentioned to Jo that I would be in, so when I walked in the shop I got a lovely welcome from Jo, Charlotte, and Bethany. I had a wander round the shop and the first thing to say is that everything is given enough space to show itself off. It's not a huge shop, but there's plenty of space to browse and all the rails are well tended - nothing is cramped in.

The other thing that jumped out at me is the prices. Nothing seemed to be over £20 which is great! The sizing goes up to a 26, which I'm on the cusp of, but I tried on things in a 20/22 and a 24/26 and lots of things fitted me - so do try on even if you're past a 26.

I picked up a few things and one of the girls took them from me and put them in the fitting room. It's a FAB fitting room - it's huge (probably big enough for a wheelchair user), there's a cute little stool, a big mirror, and even some toiletries if you need to freshen up!

See?! How lovely!

I liked this dress but they didn't have my size

I liked this but again my size was gone

Love this tartan dress, especially the long sleeves!

This was a really interesting dress - I've never tried anything with PVC sleeves before. 

This top was 20/22 but very generous as it was almost a whole circle on the bottom. I NEARLY bought it

I liked this but it was more of a long top on me, so I decided against it

And here is what I did come away with. Jo picked this up for me, and I probably wouldn't have chosen it for myself. The top is a 26, which I went with in the end, but below is a 24. I think it fitted a little better on my chest but the length of it was just too short. I went with the 26 for the length. 

I definitely recommend Topsy Curvy if you're in Manchester or visiting - and tell them I sent you! 

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