Monday, June 13, 2016

What I Wore 8th May in France

We sadly had to come home on the 8th of May, I would've liked to stay in France about a week longer! I'd love to live there one day. I was complimented on my excellent French and I learnt the words for "shooting star": etoile filante! That'll come in useful I'm sure!

We had to leave for the airport around 3pm but then our flight was delayed which was a pain, but we finally got home around 9pm and Ivy was very happy to see us! This is what I wore to travel in. It was comfortable and neither too hot nor too cold.

You've seen this yellow Scarlett & Jo skirt before, here, but I haven't worn it as much as I've worn the others that I have. Yellow is such a lovely summery colour though so I'll try to wear it again. My black top was from Evans, it actually has a peplum hem that I don't much like so I wear it tucked in. The green cardigan was from Peacocks and I've worn it lots - in fact it's starting to bobble, boo. 

It was very windy so excuse my slightly wild hair!

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