Sunday, September 23, 2018

A Couple of Recent Makes

After I finished my mum's crocheted blanket back in May, I wasn't sure what I wanted to make next. I think I mentioned that I've been going to a weekly craft class at a local library which I really enjoy, so for a couple of weeks I took some yarn and made some squares there, but I couldn't really settle into one project. It was the beginning of the heatwave so it was too hot to crochet really, so I switched my mind to cross stitch instead.

I had been meaning to make a gift for my friend Kate's kids of their names. I sketched it out while on holiday last year and coloured it in, making a whole rainbow, but I hadn't actually picked out the threads or done anything else. So I found my aida and a new needle and a bunch of pretty colours, and took it with me when we went to Cornwall.

It didn't take too long and I really enjoyed doing cross stitch again. I find it really meditative. I really liked using a whole rainbow of colours too.

I framed this just with a simple frame off eBay, I really hope Kate likes it!

Anyway then I'd got the bug for cross stitching again. I've done it off and on throughout my life - a couple of years ago I started a big Tatty Teddy cross stitch as a gift for Lee, which I finished last year while we were on holiday. I started browsing Etsy for patterns and I found Stitchrovia, which sells modern cross stitch patterns. I love their aesthetic, I think I'll definitely be buying from them again. I loved this Eat Sleep Craft Repeat pattern, but I used my own colours and I think it's just as effective.

This pattern took me quite a bit of time, but I found it really interesting throughout. I used metallic thread for "Eat" which was quite a pain to work with, but I like how it looks. I kept swapping between bits, going up and down and left and right just as the fancy took me. I finished this while staying at my friend Jane's house at the beginning of August. I immediately started my next project, which is a gift for a friend. (Eat Sleep Craft Repeat is for me! I almost never make things for myself).

I've also bought myself a Star Wars related pattern and as I type I'm waiting for all the threads to arrive so I can start it!

I liked doing this even though I really dislike doing backstitch. I learnt a lot about designing a pattern and while I can see soooo many flaws here, I also think it looks really good and it's nice that it's in my handwriting

Someone brought this book to craft club to give away so I snaffled it up quickly!


And now finished! I just need to find a frame for it! The original pattern has knitting needles in the ball of yarn at the bottom left but I'm a crocheter so I obviously had to make it into a hook!

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