Saturday, September 1, 2018

What I Wore 13th July

I ended up picking this pink dress out of the wardrobe to go out on Friday the 13th. I had a really busy day - I went to the gym in the morning with my mum, then I went to see my friend Sarah for lunch, and then I had a bit of time at home before Lee and I went out for tea at our friends Leanne and Adi's. However, I went to the gym and to Sarah's in my scruff gym clothes - old skirt, soft bra, and my sports t-shirt. I warned Sarah I wasn't coming in "proper" clothes, but remember, she's the friend that I hang out with in my pyjamas, so I knew she wouldn't mind. I'd offered to take lunch over, and I was going to get sandwiches and salad stuff, but then I went past Pizza Hut and decided we would share a pizza - half pepperoni and half margarita. It was really nice!

I went home and I was planning to read, but I was really tired, so I napped for a little bit. I think the heat is getting to me and I've not been sleeping well, so I was really glad I could let myself nap. I was asleep when Lee got home at 4.30.

I got ready and we set off to Leanne's in Cookridge. It can take forever to get there, but there was no traffic so we got there at 6. Leanne and Adi have a baby, April, she's four months old, so she's very cute to play with. Leanne had made curry and it was delicious. We chatted for ages about anything and everything. Leanne and I met online in 2005 through Libertines fandom, and she's honestly one of the loveliest people I know. Adi is also really lovely which I love to see. And baby April is learning to tolerate me - by the time she's six we might be friends!

Anyway, I pulled this dress out because I haven't worn it for ages and I wanted something bright. It's from Yours, but about four years ago. I love the palm print.

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