Sunday, September 16, 2018

Lunch Out in Sheffield

The day after I'd been out with Sam and Steph Lee and I had plans with Bettie and Jen. I was extremely hungover, which is something that only happened to me once I turned thirty, and I can't say I like it very much. But I was glad we went out because otherwise I think I'd have just melded to the sofa all day.

We picked Bettie and Jen up and headed to The Depot Bakery for lunch. I hadn't heard of it but Bettie had. It's in quite an industrial area of Sheffield that has some nice bits popping up here and there. It was quite busy so we had to wait for a table, but not for too long.

The menu is quite varied and there's lots of vegetarian options and a few vegan ones I think. Bettie and Jen both went for Eggs Montreal. Lee had eggs on toast, and I had a goats cheese and onion toastie with bacon. I also had a peppermint hot chocolate which was delicious.

We went into the cheese factory next door to the bakery and I bought two cheeses, a Lancashire and a smoked one. They were really nice on the sourdough bread we bought at the bakery!

We headed to Eccleshall Road in search of a cake shop. There used to be a plethora down there but they all look to be bars now. So I suggested going to Rassam, the dessert restaurant, on London Road. I had mixed cookie dough which is honestly one of my favourite things to eat!

It was a lovely few hours out and nice to hang out with Bettie and Jen as it had been a while.

I loved the love heart in the top of my hot chocolate!

The goats cheese in my toastie was all warm and melty, lovely!

Jen and Bettie in Rassam's!

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