Friday, September 21, 2018

Camping with Family

At the beginning of August we went camping with my mum, stepdad, aunt, uncle, and cousins. We've done this a few times in the past, and it's always really good fun. We booked into Moorhay Farm near Chatsworth House, and we all arrived on Friday afternoon.

Once we got our tents and everything set up it was time for tea. My mum made fajitas with wraps and dips. Then in the evening we set the fire going. I bought Lee a fire pit barbecue for his birthday last year and although we've used it a few times as a barbecue, we're generally not fire people so we hadn't had a fire in it. But other people brought a load of wood for us so we set the fire going. I love sitting round a fire, I think it's very sociable. Plus we could see loads of stars, including one of the longest shooting stars I've ever seen.

On Saturday morning Lee and I made breakfast. I'd read a recipe about making eggs on a barbecue or camping stove so we did that. It was a bit like a quiche with no pastry crossed with scrambled eggs. It worked really well and was really yummy. We put spinach and mushrooms in and cheese on top, and finished them off in the grill, but honestly you could put anything in them. We fried sausages too.

My cousin Rob is into a lot of re-enactment stuff so he went off for a WWII thing. My mum and Lee and I went to Matlock Bath which had a bit of a sour turn but we did manage to get the hugest ice creams ever which helped. We went back to the campsite just as my aunt, uncle and co got back from their walk, so we all had a cuppa and some cake, and then I cross stitched in the sunshine and my cousin's wife Beth did too, so that was very nice and sociable too.

In the evening my uncle made two curries and rice and poppadums, which was all delicious. He made a Thai green curry which I'm not usually into, but it was lovely with a nice kick. We again made the fire up and toasted marshmallows. I really really loved having this time to chat with family.

On Sunday morning we had another yummy cooked breakfast and packed up all our stuff to come home! We're already planning near year's trip.

Attempting to make fire on Friday night. Lee isn't good with fire but he was willing to give it a go

That log was huge! It burnt through eventually

Peter aglow reading us quiz questions

Toasting marshmallows

Peter did mine because again, I'm not too fond of being that close to the fire

Our egg dish on Saturday morning, I would definitely make it again and try doing it over a barbecue

Huge ice cream

Peter and the parasol

Just a WWII soldier casually trying to make fire, no big deal

The cat clearly lived on the farm and she was so friendly, she kept coming to talk to us and decided she'd quite like some of our tea please!

Saturday evening's fire

These horses were in the next field which was lovely too!

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