Thursday, April 25, 2019

Snag Tights Review

I'm sure you can't have failed to hear about Snag Tights, if you're like me you'll have seen their adverts all over Instagram. They promise to fit better than normal tights, up to a size 36. I never have much luck with tights, I used to like Big Bloomers ones but they're so thin that my fingers go through them really easily. Snag Tights have thicker ones, so I was intrigued. I still wasn't sure they'd fit, but Lolly said they fit her so I thought that was enough for me to try them!

I ordered a 50 denier pair of black ones, an 80 denier pair of black ones, and some with a wave pattern in them. Snag Tights have a sliding pricing thing, so three pairs cost me just over £20 including shipping. That's not TOO bad. I ordered them all in a size G, the biggest size.

I wore the first pair, the 50 denier ones, when I went to see Les Mis. I was impressed - they're thin enough that I felt like I wasn't wearing anything at all, which was quite a weird sensation, but thick enough that they didn't ladder. The sizing was perfect, they came up pleasingly high on my stomach, didn't roll, didn't fall down, and came right up between my thighs. I didn't get a photo because I'm an idiot, but I was really impressed - I kept telling Sam and Steph and my mum how impressed I was!

I took the wavy ones on holiday with me and wore them with my Scarlett and Jo dress to go out in. I wasn't quite as impressed - they did fit me and they look nice, so I wouldn't complain too much, but they didn't come up as far on my stomach and as I was walking they kept sliding down. But it was worth it for the funky pattern, and I'm guessing on most people they would be absolutely fine.

I will definitely buy more tights from Snag Tights - I've got my eye on some of the coloured ones! I'm impressed for sure! They're the best plus size tights I've come across so far.

I also bought these shoes from TKMaxx for £3 in the sale! They're really cute and comfortable.

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