Thursday, April 18, 2019

Trip to Shropshire - Day 1

On the first day of our holiday in Shropshire, my friends and I got up and had bagels for breakfast. So delicious! We got ready and headed down to Ironbridge, about half an hour away from where we were staying, to see the iron bridge there.

There's a ton of museums there and we'd read a leaflet about them in the cottage, so we went to the Ironbridge toll house to begin with and parked on that side of the bridge. We went into the toll house then walked over the bridge in the bright sunshine. It was absolutely gorgeous, none of us had long sleeves on. The bridge is fantastic and how they put it up is so fascinating. We got ice creams and sat in the sunshine eating them. Then we went into a few of the little shops there, which were nice.

We then went to Enginuity museum, it's a science museum and it's really for kids, but three 30 somethings managed to have a good time too! We looked at all the exhibits and had fun making an arch bridge and making a water system and answering quizzes. I liked it, but it's quite expensive for what it is.

Finally we stopped in Shrewsbury on the way back for more (wine) supplies and did a bit of shopping. I bought myself a new mustard cardigan which I hope I get chance to wear soon! It was about 4pm when we got back, so we all got into our pyjamas and settled down to watch films and drink wine. Relaxing on holiday is important too!

This very friendly cat was one of the feral ones where we were staying

The book I started! Review on my book blog if you look back

A scale model of the bridge in the toll house

And the original toll!

View up river

And down river

The centre point

The bridge

Ice cream!

From further down

Von and me

Me and Sam

From the other side

I love steam engines

This is in Enginuity now

Very proud of their arch bridge

Making the water system work!

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