Saturday, April 27, 2019

What I Wore March 29th

At the end of March I went to Meadowhall to meet up with my friend Sarah for lunch. I also needed to buy a ton of things, so she and I walked a really long way getting stuff. I got myself some new leggings and a mustard top from Yours, which I'm looking forward to wearing soon. I also got a bunch of things needed for our vow renewal. Then Sarah and I went to the Handmade Burger Co for lunch. I was pleasantly surprised to see their veggie and vegan options - I was spoilt for choice! I went for the goats' cheese stack in the end, which had a round of goats' cheese, a big mushroom, and grilled peppers in it. It was really nice. Sarah and I shared some chips and some onion rings.

I pulled this dress out to wear. It was from New Look years ago, but I don't wear it very much. I'm not sure why because I really like it on, but it feels quite fancy and sometimes I just don't need to be that fancy. It's also weird because I never look at New Look for clothes anymore. They used to do really fun stuff but the sizing all went to pieces and now I don't bother anymore. But I do still love this dress. I love the colour and I love the sheer sleeves and the bows on them. I'll try to wear this again soon!

My leggings are from Yours, I had to buy some new ones because these have got a hole in on the knee, and my bag was from Accessorize.

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