Saturday, May 18, 2019

Easter Saturday with the Family

On Easter Saturday Lee and I got up bright and early to go to the supermarket before we went to my grandma's. We needed to get something vegetarian to eat in place of the roast lamb everyone else was having, and I also picked up some alcohol and some other veggie bits to try during the week. I'm loving being vegetarian and trying a ton of new things. We got some fake chicken which was really nice, it was very chicken-like in texture.

While Neil, Rob and Lee were cooking (love a man who cooks! get u one!) my mum, Caroline and Beth helped me with the favours for our vow renewal. I knew it wouldn't take four of us long at all, so we made a production line on the living room floor. It didn't take long at all, so it was one job off my mind which was good.

We had a roast lunch which was delicious, and then Lee and I had made a mini egg cheesecake. Everyone loved it, my mum told me we could make it next Easter too! After we'd washed up we went to sit in the garden with some Pimms. Rob and Beth had to go because they were going to Cumbria to stay with Beth's grandad, but the rest of us stayed outside for ages enjoying the sunshine. We eventually went back inside but no one wanted to break up the party! It was a lovely day.

I wore my flamingo skirt and a white top, along with a flamingo pin badge and flamingo earrings. I went with a bright coral lipstick too.

Bright lipstick. I took this at home before we left

My mum and Caroline with stickers and chocolates and ducks for the favours

Caroline and Beth

My grandma's garden. I was sitting on her new seat here!

Mini egg cheesecake! It was so sweet but really nice

And finally, my outfit. We came home and collapsed into bed, we were so tired! Can you see Ivy's face just in the corner?

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