Thursday, May 30, 2019

Vow Renewal Part 1

I'm going to post a few posts about the vow renewal, because I've got loads of pictures that I want to share and I want to share my experiences from the day.

I will start off by saying that the whole thing meant a lot to both of us. We were so close to splitting up last year and saying it was over for good, and we worked really hard on putting things back together. We built some things up from the ground, we started again. So it meant a lot that we would renew our vows, re pledge our lives to each other, and have a grand celebration with our family and friends. Maybe that doesn't make sense to some people - well, it doesn't have to. It made a lot of sense and really meant a lot to both Lee and me, and that's all that matters.

I will also say that it was such a perfect day. I couldn't have asked for anything else. There were a couple of niggles, but they didn't make that much of a difference, so I can't really complain about them. I had a really amazing, fun, happy, perfect day. Everyone being there and us throwing a party for 75 people was a big part of that!

So, here we go. In the morning me, Lee, Lucinda, Sam, Jac, my mum, and my stepdad all met at the venue to decorate it. We had it at the local Miners' Welfare institute in our village, which was very on brand for us. It was also free, which was good, and I liked the idea that by avoiding a chain hotel or pub we were putting money back into the local economy. The staff had been really helpful since we booked and on the day they helped us put spiral Star Wars decorations up from the ceiling! We finished there around 11am and headed home.

Lee's mam, stepdad, sister, niece, nephew, and two brothers all turned up. His mam had agreed to do my hair and his sister Kim helped. I got in the shower and then sat in my bedroom while they did my hair. I'd bought a bobble with hair the same colour as mine attached, so Kim and Bev curled mine and pinned mine into it. Then came the first of the niggles - I'd bought a really pretty comb to slide into my hair, but we couldn't find it. I was sure it was in our attic room, but couldn't find it. My niece and nephew were running all around the house and couldn't believe all the books in the back bedroom. It was nice to have them at ours, albeit briefly!

Eventually I found some other pearl hair clips and we used those instead. I loved my hair because it was out of the way and it looked so good! Next up was my make up. My friend Sarah helped me with it - she is having a bit of a bad time and she was an absolute superstar for me on the day and I love her so much for it. She is really good at make up and she and I had previously tried on every red lipstick in House of Fraser and found this gorgeous Lancome one. It was such a treat for me and I'm glad I did it.

Next, the dress. My mum made it! She really listened to what I wanted and over the months since Christmas we'd bought the material, the netting for the underskirt, and the sparkly gems and she had adjusted the pattern until I was happy. It had pockets! I wanted them because I wanted my phone close by so I could take photos throughout the day. I also wanted sleeves, but we made them sheer so my tattoos could still be seen. The sparkly gems came from an Asian jewellery shop and are wedding jewellery officially, so we joined them together (that took me, my mum, and my stepdad to do, a few weeks ago!) and my mum sewed them to the sash. I think you'll agree that the dress is beautiful.

I wanted a net underskirt and as the theme was rainbows and Star Wars I chose seven shades of netting for a whole rainbow underskirt. My mum graduated the layers so they could all be seen, and I think you'll agree that the effect is really nice. I bought the shoes from M&co when I was away in March - I liked how they were white and sparkly. I bought rainbow ribbon laces from eBay and I think this looked marvellous! I'm definitely going to wear these trainers quite a bit.

Let me show you some of the photos so far!

I wrote this on the board on the street near the venue because it isn't the easiest place to find, and at least two people told me they'd spotted it and it was useful!

This is what the cake looked like when it was all put together. I think we did a decent job!

Stuff hanging from the walls, a photobooth corner, rainbow bunting up on the music centre...

And here I am standing in the front garden, all dressed and ready! Chloe (LifesBigCanvas) made my flowers and the bridesmaid ones - I knew I wanted some and that I wanted a rainbow ball and I loved them. I've got the ball hanging up in our attic room now. 

This is Sarah's photo I think. As you can see, I had a whole rainbow of bridesmaids! These are my six best friends forever, and we decided with not too much argument about who would be each colour. For instance, Sarah was definitely yellow and Lucinda was definitely purple, but Jac and Sam decided red and orange between themselves, and Von went for green. We had a LOT of fun in the group chat looking at each other's dresses and accessories. The effect was amazing and I feel so lucky that all these amazing beautiful women came to do this with me. Get yourself a rainbow squad, I highly recommend them

Me and Sarah in the front garden - look at her skirt! It was so beautiful

Me and Lucinda - she's been in Canada for a few years and I'm glad she's back in London now! She and I have matching Libertines tattoos on our feet

Me and Lee. His t-shirt was Han and Leia saying "I love you/I know" which was adorable. Oh and he had his rainbow Converse on too! Lee isn't a formal person and that's fine - I wanted him to be comfortable and he was. And looked cute!

Here you can see the VERY flouncy skirt (there was fifteen FEET of material in the bottom of it!), the rainbow underskirt, and my shoes and laces. I thought they all looked great together!

I think I'll leave this here because it's already long enough! Next time I'll talk about the ceremony. 

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