Monday, May 20, 2019

Easter Sunday with the Family

As I said, we had a really busy Easter with my family visiting. I'm glad we stayed in and did nothing on Easter Monday because we both needed it! We watched a film and planted some plants, but otherwise didn't do much.

On Easter Sunday we had a quiet morning at home, we had some brunch, then went to meet everyone at Cannon Hall. It's really close to our house but we rarely go. We'll have to remedy that cos it's really nice. Caroline, Neil and Peter went off for a walk and the rest of us went to the garden centre. My mum bought Lee and I a really cute planter with alpine plants in it that I've put on the windowsill outside at the front of our house.

We had a drink in the cafe and then my mum, stepdad and grandma sent off for my mum's house where we were having tea. It was about 5pm and I had seen a big swing in the kids' playground and I wanted a go on it. So Lee and I headed across.

First of all I went on the roundabout, which was a lot of fun, Lee managed to make it go really fast for me. Then I went on this flying saucer type of swing. I managed to get in it and while I'm sure I didn't look very graceful doing it, I had a lot of fun swinging back and forth in the sunshine. It was out of my comfort zone, but I'm so glad I did it.

We went back to my mum's and sat outside in the sun again. Wasn't it a lovely Easter for hot weather? Just as tea was ready we got the sad news that my mum's cousin in Florida had died, so we were thinking about her as we were eating.

After tea we got sucked into watching a frame of snooker which lasted ninety minutes! It was ridiculous! We had to say goodbye and come home to bed eventually, but it had been a really lovely weekend and such a nice Easter.

I was wearing this Scarlett & Jo skirt with a navy blue top from Yours. The skirt was maybe a touch too warm for the weather; it has a lining and some netting. But I liked it anyway.

The little stream that runs through the garden centre

Lee and I, I think this is a lovely photo

Banana milkshake! It was so nice

Me on the roundabout

Swinging in the sunshine

Selfie while I was swinging. I'm so impressed I managed it! It was worth the bit of pain I had the day after

The swing! Lee helped me

And finally, my outfit

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