Sunday, May 12, 2019

What I Wore April 14th

In the middle of April we went to Durham because Lee's stepdad was turning fifty and Lee's sister had organised lunch for about twenty of us on Sunday. It's quite a long way to go there and back in a day but it was worth it, I think Gary appreciated it. Everyone put money in to buy him a day experience in a racing car which he'll really enjoy.

We got to meet Lee's brother Andrew's new girlfriend Libby, too, which was really nice. He's hopefully moving to Manchester soon to live with her, so we'll hopefully be able to go over a bit more to see him.

The pub was only doing Sunday lunches, with no veggie choices, so it was a bit confusing to get me something to eat but eventually I got nut cutlets with roast vegetables, Yorkshire pudding etc, all the stuff that comes with a Sunday dinner. It was really nice actually, with plenty of vegetables.

I had put on this Scarlett & Jo dress because it's really pretty but also quite comfortable to sit in the car in for hours. I used to wear it with my black cardigan but realised that this pink cardigan looks really good too, and makes it just a little bit more spring like.

I also picked these shoes up at a clothes swap a few years ago. They're handmade I think. They're really soft leather and comfortable inside. Thanks to whoever gave these away! I think they're cute.

When I stand I'm so lopsided!

Very cute shoes!

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