Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Gel Nails at Quirky Sparkle

I had my nails done in the middle of June ready for my cousin's wedding at the weekend (post to come!). I have never had gel nails done before and was under the illusion that you had to have extensions with them, which I didn't want. I have long natural nails myself so don't want anything that will wreck my own nails. I didn't realise you can just have gel polish done but then someone posted in a local Facebook group about her salon, based in her home in a village not far from mine, and mentioned something about natural nails. I messaged her asking if I could have a fun pattern and manicure and she said of course, so I made an appointment for a Wednesday morning. 

I arrived and parked on her drive and went round to her salon which is behind her garage. It was light and airy and really nice inside. I find busy salons really difficult to deal with so this was ideal for me as it was just me and Anj. We went through some colour choices and she did my nails with accent nails on my thumbs and ring finger nails, to match the dress that I had bought to wear for the wedding. The whole process took quite a long time, but I was at home just after 11 with lovely nails. I knew they would grow out and mine seemed to grow out quite quickly (I guess my nails grow faster than I previously thought!), but I liked having them done for a special occasion and I've booked to have them done again just before Lee's 40th which is in August. 

You'll see how well they match my dress in my next post! 

Anj was lovely and chatty and put me at ease. The whole thing cost me £27 which I found very reasonable!

You can find her on social media if you're in the Barnsley area

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Trip to Filey - Day 3

On the Sunday of our trip we again were up quite early and decided to go swimming again. We had paid for passes for the weekend so it made sense to use them twice, and we didn't have to check out of the Airbnb until later, so off we went. It was a bit colder on the Sunday morning so we did spend some time outside and then a little bit of time inside before the session ended. Back in the van I had a shower and then we had a picnic lunch of whatever stuff was left over from the previous days. We got packed up and left around 1.15pm. I got home three hours later after taking Jac and then Sam home - I was absolutely knackered especially as I hadn't slept well. Lee wasn't home either - he was on his way to Bratislava for work! He wasn't home until the Wednesday so the cats and I just had to look after ourselves! 

I was wearing another new Star Wars t-shirt, which I had again bought on eBay. It's very soft and comfy to wear, and is just fun! I have really got into the habit of wearing these Scarlett & Jo skirts with t-shirts, too. 

The van we had stayed in

Me just before we left

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Trip to Filey - Day 2

On the Saturday of our weekend away we were all up quite early, so we had breakfast and set off for Filey beach at around 10am. We were really lucky and nabbed a parking space right on the front. We walked along and down on to the beach. It was quite cloudy, but the sun did peep through every now and then. We took a picnic blanket and took it in turns to paddle. The tide was coming in and it comes in FAST - the beach is really flat there and we kept having to move the picnic blanket back! 

We went up to the shops and bought ice cream and sat on a bench to eat it. It was a bit sunnier but not much, but nice and warm. We then went to Tesco to buy lunch and headed back to the holiday park. There was a tractor train that took people up and down the steep path to the beach, so we hopped on to that just before the driver took his lunch break. At the bottom there's a beach shop and some picnic tables and then the beach, so we ate our lunch at one of the tables before going on to the beach. We set up camp and again took it in turns to paddle - the water was much colder there than it was just a little bit around the bay in Filey! Weird! 

We got the bus back up about 2.30pm and got changed into our costumes to go swimming at 3pm. There's two pools on site - one indoor and one outdoor, which also has a lazy river and jets and water fountains etc. We spent the whole time out there, going round and round in the lazy river and chatting. It was sunny on and off, but lovely and warm and it was just so lovely. We got out at 4.30 when the session ended. 

In the evening Sam cooked fajitas with halloumi and a ton of veg, and we had more cupcakes afterwards which I had ordered from a baker in my village, they were so good. We also did face masks and had some fin and watched rubbish telly, as we usually do. 

Sam took this of her and Jac while they were paddling

And I took this one

Selfie of myself while sitting on the beach. I was wearing contact lense so I could put my cool sunglasses on

Sam and I while we were paddling

I liked this chunky seagull 

Jac paddling

Looking along the beach

Ice cream! I got it in an oyster shell, which I don't think I've ever had before

Waiting for the tractor train  at the top of the hill

Waiting on the train

Looking on to the beach from the picnic tables - it got very busy

Back at the entertainment complex now, here's Jac and Sam 

Phones weren't allowed in the pool areas which is a shame because they were absolutely gorgeous and I would really recommend the park

Fajitas on the go

Face mask time! 

Everyone looks terrifying in these don't they


And finally here's the sunset from the caravan

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Trip to Filey - Day 1

On the 10th of June I went away for the weekend with my friends Sam and Jacqui. It was Sam's birthday and she booked us into a static caravan at Reighton Sands in Filey. I haven't been to Filey since I was a kid, so I was happy to go back. We stayed at Primrose Valley a couple of times when I was little, but I'd never been to Reighton Sands. It's an absolutely gorgeous site and I would really recommend it, even if you don't have a car as there's a bus that goes right through the site. Our caravan was privately owned and we got it through Airbnb, and it was lovely, I would go back. 

I picked Sam up first and we went to Sainsburys for a click and collect then set off to York to pick Jacqui up. We then went for lunch in Stamford Bridge at a gorgeous bistro right on the square. We had picked it because it was on the way and it had nice veggie choices. I went for a halloumi burger that came with lovely homemade chips and onion rings. I would definitely go back there because it was so nice. 

We got to Filey around 4pm and stopped on the cliff tops really close to the park before checking in to the holiday park and in to our caravan. I had been quite unwell all week (ongoing gynae issues) so was happy to just relax in the van. We cooked some snacks for tea and had it with dips and vegetables etc, and drank some wine while watching TV. It was a nice relaxing evening. I was lucky and got the king size main bedroom as I'd been unwell and was still in pain - thanks friends. 

I was wearing this new Star Wars t-shirt that I had bought from eBay the previous weekend as I suddenly wanted a Star Wars t-shirt. I ended up with two for about £8 each! I love it, it's so fun. I wore it with my green Scarlett & Jo skirt, I thought it matched quite well. 

Halloumi burger in No.10 Bistro

The cliff tops

We sat on a bench just close to this

It was windy

Jacqui took this of Sam and I 

View from the caravan - we could just see the sea! 

Me and Jacqui

And my outfit with Star Wars t-shirt, I love it

And the master bedroom where I was lucky enough to sleep!

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Camping with My Family 2022

As you'll know from previous years, Lee and I go camping with my family once a year which is always lovely if very tiring. This year because of the extra Jubilee bank holiday we decided to go then, and decided to go near Market Harborough. It seemed to go over very quickly but it was nice. My mum and stepdad went a day early and warned us it was cold at night so we went prepared with a hot water bottle and extra layers of clothing and bedding. It still turned out to be very cold though. 

We got there on the Thursday and got set up. Last year our king size airbed broke, so we had bought two single ones. They turned out to be far more comfortable than I imagined which was good! On Thursday night Rob cooked gumbo, a veggie one for me and Lee and meat for everyone else. It was really nice! My mum also rented Giant Jenga from the campsite so we played that for a bit. It was warm and sunny which boded well but unfortunately the weather turned and the rest of the time was really quite cold and rainy. Rob had also made the Jubilee pudding but I went for the amazing chocolate tart he had made alongside, which I could eat again right now! We had a fire pit in the evening which is always nice, and it turned out to be the best weather for it. 

I slept okay thought with many layers on, and on Friday morning Neil and Caroline made the same croissants for breakfast that Lee and I made last year - you cut them in half, put salami/veggie salami and cheese on, then grill them until warmed. So simple but so good.

Everyone dispersed for the day - Caroline and Neil went to look at some trains, Rob went for a walk, my mum, stepdad, Peter and Beth went to the Space Centre in Leicester. Lee and I went to Coventry to meet some friends of mine. I haven't seen them in forever so it was lovely. We sat in a cafe where I had a mint crunch cake and some delicious coffee. When they'd left us Lee and I went into a goth type shop nearby which had tons of crystals so I bought some and also a statue of a little black cat! 

We got back to camp first so relaxed for a bit. We cooked that evening - we did pasta and different sauces and veggies and some chicken (not for me) meaning that everyone could choose whatever they wanted on it. Everyone liked it. 

On Saturday morning Neil made a full English breakfast with veggie options for Lee and I. It was cold and windy so we were all sitting in their tent because it's got enough room for all of us. Lee and Peter and my mum and I decided to go into Market Harborough, my stepdad stayed at camp and everyone else went to look at a series of locks nearby. Market Harborough turns out to have lots of charity shops so we went in those, and had a coffee before we went back. We also managed to buy Lee two birthday presents for his 40th which is coming up in August, so that was good.

Back at camp we made s'mores. My friend Michelle gave me a kit for Christmas so I thought it would be fun to do while camping and it was! Everyone complained at me about how unflattering these photos were though, not my fault!

Caroline and co had all decided to pack up on Saturday afternoon and leave later that night because there was bad weather forecast so they took their tents down and we all ended up crowding into my mum's. It was her turn to cook but she had decided to order pizzas so we did that which was nice. Everyone left around 8.30/9pm so Lee and I sat in my mum's tent until bedtime. 

On the Sunday my mum and stepdad helped us take our tent down and we set off home quite early. It was a fun time but the weather did ruin things a little. I wasn't in as much pain as I thought I might be but I had been very cold. 

Our car was packed as usual

Getting our tent set up on the Thursday

Peter had forgotten any sunglasses and I keep some in the car so here he is looking magnificent in my heart shaped shades

Playing Giant Jenga

This was delicious!

Peter was trying to build a self supporting bridge but failed

Veggie gumbo

Jubilee pudding

Fire pit!

In the centre of Coventry on Friday now with the statue of Lady Godiva

Mint crunch cake

These must be the only photos from Friday... 

Because here we are in Market Harborough on Saturday lunchtime

Peter and I in the drizzle. I look shocking - it turned out I was a little ill with more gynae problems - I ended up in the hospital on the Monday just as an outpatient and now looking back I can tell I was unwell

Lee and Peter had huge hot chocolates in a nice cafe

Here's Peter with his

Making s'mores back at camp

Peter's was huge

He managed to eat it though

This notice was on the back of one of the toilets and I thought it was funny

And finally here's my lovely tent - here's to next year!