Saturday, May 21, 2022

Out with Lee and Bettie and Jen and What I Wore April 2nd

On the 2nd of April Lee and I went to Sheffield to meet Bettie and Jen for food. We haven't seen them for ages so it was really nice to. We decided to go to Saigon 68, which is an excellent Vietnames cafe on London Road. It's always full of people and the staff are lovely. It feels like authentic food. Lee and I haven't been since before the pandemic so when Bettie suggested it we readily agreed.

We had had a quiet day in prior to that. Lee had had to go to the gym for a bath because the bathroom sealant was still drying, haha. I had been making Easter cards, also pictured below. I got dressed and we set off to Sheffield. 

I put on my Grace Petrie t-shirt, my Scarlett & Jo netted skirt, and my purple and black striped Snag tights. Bettie always wears black so I thought I'd go a bit goth like her for the occasion. I put my Dr Marten shoes on - I wear these most of the time because I can slip them on and off without unbuckling which makes them fast for me. I polished them the other day but noticed they were looking a bit scuffed again.

Quite often at Saigon 68 I have noodles - when I ate meat I used to have the three roast meat ones, and since I went veggie I've had it with fake chicken - but I fancied something different this time so I went for fake chicken red curry with egg fried rice. Lee said it would be spicy but he was wrong - it had a bit of a kick but wasn't too much for me. It was delicious! Lots of veggies as well as the fake chicken. Lee and I also shared some salt and pepper tofu which is always good, and Bettie and Jen did too. That dish alone is a reason to visit! 

Everyone else had noodles I think. We all enjoyed the food. They have plenty of veggie and vegan options so it's ideal. After we'd eaten we went to the pub next door for a couple of drinks which was nice. Then we went back to Bettie and Jen's for a bit before coming home around 10pm. Then straight to bed! It was a nice evening though

I bought a card making kit in TK Maxx a few weeks ago and made these ten cards with it

Fake chicken red curry - other food not pictured, sorry!

Ladz in pub

My outfit, I look a bit shambolic here, I'm sorry 

Close up on my tights and shoes, and yes we do have a Kwik e Mart doormat!

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Out with Friends and What I Wore April 1st

I had plans to see my friend Katie on the 1st of April, and then I also invited my friend Stacey to come too. They don't know each other, but they have friends in common and I thought they'd get on. And they did! It was nice. 

Our bathroom got refurbished during the day. We had bought new fixtures and fittings, but were keeping the same bath, toilet, and sink. We bought taps, a new shower, a new shower screen and bath panel, and some other bits. The bath and sink needed resealing as they'd been leaking. Lee had managed to secure the underneath but we hired a plumber to do everything else. He arrived early meaning I couldn't have a shower beforehand, and we weren't allowed to use the bath or shower for a while, so I headed to my mum's for a bath. She was on holiday in France, so I let myself in. As I knew I was having a bath I had taken one of the bath bombs that my cousin bought me for Christmas. It was lovely! Pink and yellow and glittery, and it smelt lovely. I wallowed for a bit then washed my hair in the shower and got dressed and ready. 

We had booked a table at Smokehouse in Wakefield city centre. I was surprised by how many vegetarian choices they had even though they're a meat smokehouse, so I was happy to go. Stacey arrived not long after me and Katie wasn't long after that. We ordered food, which did come quickly. I had nachos with cheese, guacamole, and salsa, and then the pulled jackfruit barbecue burger. I wouldnt' make jackfruit myself at home, so I was happy to have it in a restaurant. It was yummy. 

However, the service was really slow which annoyed me. They could have easily sold us puddings or another round of drinks (I actually only had water as I wasn't asked if I wanted another drink) but didn't bother to bring over the menus. It felt like the staff didn't really care if we were there or not, which did really annoy me. But, we had fun sitting and chatting, which was the main thing. 

I got home just before 10pm. I was wearing a new mustard dress from Simply Be which was in the wardrobe still with its tags on, so I thought it would be ideal. I love it, it's floaty and cool so will be perfect in the summer. As it was cold, I put my Simply Be denim jacket on too - I love this for just chucking on over an outfit for some warmth. It fits me so well. I was also wearing my black footless Snag Tights, which is something I've been doing a lot recently. And my patent dolly shoes from Schuh which I bought with some Christmas money. I love the outfit as a whole!

Gorgeous nachos, I could eat them again right now!

Pulled jackfruit sandwich

And my outfit!

Sunday, May 15, 2022

SIX In Leeds and Vietnamese Food

At the end of March I went to see SIX in Leeds with Sam and Jodie. I've seen it once before, in January 2020, and loved it, so I was looking forward to seeing it again. I listen to the soundtrack a lot too. 

First of all though I had a trustee meeting for the charity for which I'm a trustee, which was also in Leeds. It's only my second in person meeting so it was really nice to be able to go. We had lunch first, which was really good - they hire a company who are really good at veggie and vegan options, which I like. I also had to have my photo taken for the website! It was slightly surreal I have to say. 

I left at 4 and drove into Leeds itself to park. I walked up through the Grand Arcade to the Grand Theatre and met Sam and Jodie. We had seats riiiiight in the top balcony which was slightly terrifying but there was a post for me to cling on to which helped! 

If you haven't seen the show it's really fun and I would recommend it. It's about the six wives of Henry VIII and basically they're all trying to convince you that they had the worst time with him. The lyrics are so funny, the actors are all so talented, the choreography and the costumes are just so good. It's a lot of fun and I'm glad I got to see it again. It lasts just over an hour, so by 6.30 we were out of the theatre. 

Sam had booked a table at Nam Song Cafe just across the road for us, so we headed over there. I love Vietnamese food but hadn't yet been here, so I was keen to try it. The food was excellent but the service was slow - they said they were having staffing problems. I went for summer rolls and a vegetable curry, both of which were delicious and filling. I would go back, it was good food!

I got home just after 8pm and Facetimed my mum who was in France visiting my godparents, so it was nice to speak to them all. Then I went and got into bed cos I was knackered!

This beautiful ceiling was in the building the charity I work with is based in

Sam took this of all of us, at this point I was sitting on the steps 

The stage just as people started piling in 

Look how high up we were! Slightly terrifying!

For the very end song you're encouraged to take video and photos, so I did! 

Lanterns on the ceiling in the cafe

Tofu and vegetable curry, with rice and cracker type stuff

Tofu summer rolls with chilli sauce - just gorgeous

Thursday, May 12, 2022

What I Wore 27th March

27th March was Mother's Day, but my own mother was in France so I had said we would go out with my aunt and grandma. We booked a table at the Sovereign pub in Shepley, which is a pub I like. It's part of a chain but I like the atmosphere inside it. They had a set menu for Mother's Day but it had veggie options so it was fine. Caroline managed to get lost on the way there but she got there eventually, and fortunately staff weren't angry at us. I had mushrooms to start with and then the veggie roast which I've had before, it's nice enough and comes with plenty of vegetables and gravy. I didn't have a pudding, but I did have a nice gin cocktail with raspberry and ginger beer

I opened the wardrobe to find a dress to wear, and lit upon this one, which is new. It still had the tags on, so I definitely haven't worn it. I can't remember how long it's been there, oops. It's a Joe Brown's dress and it's supposed to look quite vintage, which it does. I love the colour and the polka dots! Lee really liked it too (I don't base what I wear on what he likes, but it's nice to get the compliment!). I wore it with my black footless tights and white Converse as previously as the weather was just so nice!

I'd drink this again

Joe Brown's fake wrap dress in a gorgeous greeny blue colour

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Day Out in March

My aunt came to stay with us at the end of March. She stayed with us as my mum and stepdad were away, and she wanted to see my grandma for Mother's Day. She arrived on the Friday evening and we cooked veggie lasagne and did quizzes in the evening. On Saturday morning Lee and I had to go to Wakefield to buy taps (we're having the bathroom tarted up a bit) so we dropped Caroline off at the home where my grandma lives now before heading off. 

We got what we needed and food for Saturday night, then went back to pick Caroline up. She had asked if we could go to Elsecar Heritage Centre, a place I always like going, so we headed down the motorway. It was quite busy but we got parked and went in. It was blazing sunshine which was lovely - I feel like I often visit Elsecar in the rain. We had read that there was a street food market on. It took a bit of finding but once we did it was really good! Outside the old train shed were several street food vans, all with delicious sounding vegetarian options. 

I decided on halloumi tacos from the taco van. Lee and Caroline both got jerk type of bowls from a Caribbean van I think. We sat inside to eat. My tacos were absolutely gorgeous, really spicy and delicious! After that we went round the different shops in the centre. We each bought a few things. Lee and I spent a while in the record shop where he bought a few records and I bought a Kate and Anna McGarrigle one. I don't know much by them but I'm a big fan of Martha and Rufus Wainwright (Kate's children) so I was happy to spend £13 on it. I looked round the antiques centre hoping to find some sapphire earrings to go with the ring my mum bought me for Christmas, but there wasn't a lot of jewellery there at all. That's the thing though, things come and go. I'll find some earrings eventually!

We headed home mid afternoon, but it was a nice trip out. We listened to my new album, which turned out to be way better than I was expecting. Lee and I cooked curry - paneer, cauliflower and chickpea for me (all things he doesn't like) and chicken korma for him. That meant Caroline could have some of each, which she did. Mine was delicious. 

After tea we played Trivial Pursuit, obviously aided by kittens, who wanted to play with the pieces. We played a 1980s specific edition, so Caroline won to no surprise! It was a nice day though. I forgot to get a picture of my outfit, though! 

Halloumi tacos, so good!

Elsecar was looking gorgeous in the sunshine

Lee and I outside the craft shop

The vinyl I bought

I also bought a delicious smelling candle

Curry and pilau rice

And finally the cats trying to help...

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Tea Out at Las Iguanas and What I Wore 24th March

It was my stepcousin's birthday towards the end of March, and her parents were away in Sri Lanka and my mum and stepdad were about to go to France to see my godparents, so Niri was going to be by herself until I suggested we went out for tea. She chose to go to Las Iguanas at Meadowhall. She actually went shopping in the afternoon and had her hair done, and Lee and I met her at 6pm. I like Las Iguanas - the food is always delicious and they have plenty of vegetarian options. 

Lee got a whole roast jerk chicken which he really enjoyed, and Nirosha and I both had tapas. I had nachos, beach cheese with sweet chilli jam, and a fiesta salad. They were all so nice, I love nachos but hadn't had them in ages. I also had a watermelon margherita which was nice. Niri had some raspberry mocktails which she liked. I'd put together a goodie box of presents for her with chocolate, nail polish, and some toiletry bits. She liked them!

We took her home afterwards before coming home. It was a nice evening and nice to see her. I wore this peach spotted dress from Simply Be which I wore on my birthday meal out too. It's easy to wear and I knew it would be warm enough inside Meadowhall, but it does make my hair real staticky! I wore it with my black footless tights from Snag, and my new white slip on Converse. Lee bought me them for my birthday but I've been saving them until the spring so this was only the second time I'd worn them! They're just as comfortable as the black ones so you can expect to see them a lot this summer! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Lunch Out with my Friend and What I Wore 16th March

On the 16th of March I went to meet up with my friend Michelle for lunch. She has recently moved back to Yorkshire after living in London for a few years, so it's been nice to see her more. I suggested that we go to Jem's Pit Stop in Birstall. I drove past it a few months ago and have been meaning to go ever since. It's a part of the world Michelle knows well as she's from there. My satnav insisted it was in Batley but no, it's become Birstall by that point, I'm pretty sure! I arrived just before noon and ordered a coke float while I was waiting for Michelle. 

The whole place is covered in stuff - bikes, hub caps, music memorabilia, all of that kind of stuff. There are two VW vans you can sit inside to eat, and several booths on the back wall. I love how kitsch it is - I know it's a gimmick but if you lean into it I think that's fine! The menu had several vegetarian and vegan choices. All the hotdogs could be made vegan so I went for the Verstappen one, which came with chilli cheese sauce and jalapenos. Michelle ordered a cheeseburger and I think she enjoyed it!

We had some really deep chats while we were sitting there, it was really lovely. Michelle and I have known each other since sixth form college and we used to have deep chats then, so it's nice to know that twenty years later we can still talk about deep and meaningful things! 

I wore my Clash t-shirt and my Scarlett & Jo netted skirt, because I felt this would fit in well with the diner aesthetic, haha. I got changed into my pyjamas when I got home, but then I went out later because it was book club in person, so I chucked the same things back on. It was a busy day but a nice one!

One of the VW vans - they were both in use when I arrived or I might have asked to sit in one!

It's a cute place - it sells bikes and stuff, and even has a tattoo parlour in the basement!

Coke float - I can't remember the last time I had one!

Vegan hotdog with cheese sauce and jalapenos, it was really nice!

And here I am in my Clash t-shirt and netted skirt, I love the skirt so much!

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Museum of the Moon at Wentworth Woodhouse

In the middle of March Lee and I went to Wentworth Woodhouse just south of Barnsley to see Museum of the Moon, which is a huge model of the moon. I saw Gaia (a huge model of the earth) last year at Wakefield Cathedral, so I wanted to see the moon one too. It was on at Lincoln Cathedral but we didn't make it there. It was only on at Wentworth for a week, so we managed to squeeze it in even though we had a busy week AND I wasn't very well after I'd had to see the gynaecologist yet again. But I was so glad we bothered to do it because it was spectacular. 

Lee had band bractice, so we went in separate cars to Wentworth. I've never actually been to the house - I've been to the garden centre a bunch of times, but not to the house. I've heard of it, and I even have a book about the coal mining that happened on site, called Black Diamonds, though I've never read it (maybe I should!). So I was excited to see the house too. We parked in the car park and then I was happy to see they have an accessibility golf buggy to take you to the front porch. It's quite a long way and I would have struggled, so the buggy is ideal. We got in then joined the queue at the front door, which didn't take long to get us in.

So as well as the Moon there were several other art installations and they started in the downstairs rooms. There was a video of poet Helen Mort (who I've heard speak before) reading a poem, and in the chapel there was a very cool sculpture. We sat in there for a while. 

The Moon itself is upstairs and there's no lift, but I did manage the wide, shallow steps okay. The room where the moon is was apparently used as a ballroom in the Downton Abbey film, so that was pretty cool to see. The moon is huge - 7 metres across - and there are cushions underneath it so you're encouraged to lie down. We did. The moon moves slightly because of air currents in the room. It's so cool to see! We laid there for a while, then walked around the whole moon. I took lots of photos! We looked at other artworks upstairs, including a wind chime kind of thing which was powered by fans. It was really good, I liked it. 

We were in there about an hour all told, and we could have spent longer but Lee had to get to band practice. As we were driving out I noticed the house was lit up in the colours of the Ukrainian flag, which was really lovely. I'm so glad we bothered to go and I would recommend it if the Museum of the Moon is coming near you any time soon!

Neon art on the drive

The stunning front facade of the house. This is what the ballroom leads on to

In the chapel, we both liked this a lot

Imagine yourself sweeping down this staircase in a gorgeous ballgown

Some info about the moon

It is stunning in real life

Lee and me! 

I was lying down here, this is as far under as I got

I took this to show the ballroom

As we walked round, so we could see it from all angles

This was the wind chime kind of installation

This is an old aerial photo of the house, apparently it has more than three hundred rooms but they aren't entirely sure how many it has... 

And finally the yellow and blue for Ukraine