Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Holiday Outfit #1 and our anniversary

The first full day we were in Benidorm was our 8th wedding anniversary. We got married when I was 21 and Lee was almost 23 - such babies! We've been together for 13 years - since I was the tender age of 16. I keep telling him I'm not even that sure I like him yet ;)

Anyway, even though we were all-inclusive in the hotel we went out for our anniversary, and this is what I wore.

Pretty floral dress - Simply Be (bought in the sale recently)
Leggings - eBay
Shoes - Matalan last year

Here I am in the restaurant, I often sit tilted and don't realise it! I have a problem with my right hip and I think it affects my spine. 

Here's Lee, actually smiling for once. He's wearing a Toy Dolls t-shirt.

I liked this little bucket of peanuts and had a lot of fun cracking the nuts out of their shells!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Out of My Comfort Zone #1

I've joined a challenge called Out of my Comfort Zone and this month's theme was to break a fashion rule.

Well, this is sort of a long story but bear with me. I have fine hair but a lot of it, and if I wash it daily it goes greasy so I tend to wash it every other day, or if I'm not going out (I work part time so that happens a lot) then I leave it three days. Added to this, I swim every week and chlorine dries the hell out of the bottom of my hair, so I have to be careful that I wash it the day after to get rid of the chlorine. I also only wash my hair in the mornings because it goes really curly/kinky if I don't!

So, I washed my hair on Monday morning and it's now Wednesday. I had a dentist appointment earlier so I should have washed my hair, but I'm going swimming later, so I don't want to. So I put my hair up in a clip and went to the dentist.

This is so far out of my comfort zone it's untrue! To me my hair looks greasy and smells horrible. To everyone else it probably looks fine, but still! This is breaking a fashion rule because women especially are expected to always look perfect.

Some photos:

You can't see my hair really but believe me, it feels awful. 

This is the new top I'm wearing, it's from H&M, it was really cheap and I love this type of top for just shoving on to run errands in!

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rad fat swimming trip!

Just a note to let you all know that there will be another rad fat swimming trip to Barnsley Metrodome on 11th August! If you fancy coming please do, even if you've never met us before - I promise we're nice! We'll be swimming and playing on the slides and stuff, and probably getting something to eat afterwards.

You can see the event on Facebook here:

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Holiday blogging!

Lee and I recently went for a week to Benidorm. Now we're not usually package holiday types but every few years I demand some sun, and when we priced it up, it just made more sense to go on one. We both hate flying but it was actually okay, and once we got to Benidorm we were in a lovely hotel and we went all inclusive so all our food and drink was in, including some lovely cocktails!

I took a bunch of outfit photos and I'll share those with you, but for now here's some of the hotel and the views and stuff!

This was our hotel, Palm Beach hotel. 

We went past the bar that they use as the hotel bar in the TV series Benidorm

Pretty fountain down in the town

I liked the mural on this hotel 

One day we went on a little train around the town, this is Lee on the train

This is me on the little train

This is the view down into the town

Palm trees at our hotel

The pool at our hotel

It was so lovely just being the two of us; we did very little, swam and sunbathed and watched films, it was a very good time!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What I Wore Sunday July 7th

On Sunday Lee and I went to Sheffield to meet Bettie and Jen for lunch. It was a really hot day and kids were playing in the fountains in the Peace Gardens. We bought burritos - which were huge, and amazing, got cool drinks in a coffee shop, and got ice lollies too. It was a lovely day!

This is what I wore...

Here I am wearing Lauren's ice cream print dress! 
My leggings were from eBay, and my bag is from H&M

My jelly shoes are perfect for summer days. They were from Tesco a couple of years ago

This ring is just so kitsch! It came in a pack of five - all different colours - from H&M for just £2.99

These bracelets! If you were an alternative teen in the 90s you probably wore these bracelets all up your arms. They came in a pack of 5 for like £1 from Woolworths. I found these two a few years ago and wear them sometimes. They're cute!

(If someone gave you one it was SUCH an honour!)

Here's my face in close up - bright pink lipstick and my Riot necklace that my BFF Sam bought off Etsy for me a couple of years ago

And I even had ice creams in my ears!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Magnificent 7th #

It's time for another round of Magnificent 7th!

This month's theme was "Beach"

Okay so I was on holiday in Benidorm last week so this is literally my beach wear! This is what I wore to sit around the pool in. 

I took this in the hotel wardrobe mirror. I managed to get loads of outfit photos for you so there'll be lots to see in the next few weeks!

It may not be the most glamourous outfit in the world but it does the job. I do like sunbathing but when it gets too hot I like to cover up with a long skirt. This one was made for me by my mum about 7 years ago!

The top was from New Look just a couple of weeks ago and was a bargain £8. It's loose and cool so perfect for the beach. 

Here's without the top so you can see my swimming costume. It's just black with a purple trim, it came from Simply Be about six months ago. However it died on holiday so I'm in the market for a new cossie yet again!

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