Sunday, July 31, 2022

Trip to Filey - Day 1

On the 10th of June I went away for the weekend with my friends Sam and Jacqui. It was Sam's birthday and she booked us into a static caravan at Reighton Sands in Filey. I haven't been to Filey since I was a kid, so I was happy to go back. We stayed at Primrose Valley a couple of times when I was little, but I'd never been to Reighton Sands. It's an absolutely gorgeous site and I would really recommend it, even if you don't have a car as there's a bus that goes right through the site. Our caravan was privately owned and we got it through Airbnb, and it was lovely, I would go back. 

I picked Sam up first and we went to Sainsburys for a click and collect then set off to York to pick Jacqui up. We then went for lunch in Stamford Bridge at a gorgeous bistro right on the square. We had picked it because it was on the way and it had nice veggie choices. I went for a halloumi burger that came with lovely homemade chips and onion rings. I would definitely go back there because it was so nice. 

We got to Filey around 4pm and stopped on the cliff tops really close to the park before checking in to the holiday park and in to our caravan. I had been quite unwell all week (ongoing gynae issues) so was happy to just relax in the van. We cooked some snacks for tea and had it with dips and vegetables etc, and drank some wine while watching TV. It was a nice relaxing evening. I was lucky and got the king size main bedroom as I'd been unwell and was still in pain - thanks friends. 

I was wearing this new Star Wars t-shirt that I had bought from eBay the previous weekend as I suddenly wanted a Star Wars t-shirt. I ended up with two for about £8 each! I love it, it's so fun. I wore it with my green Scarlett & Jo skirt, I thought it matched quite well. 

Halloumi burger in No.10 Bistro

The cliff tops

We sat on a bench just close to this

It was windy

Jacqui took this of Sam and I 

View from the caravan - we could just see the sea! 

Me and Jacqui

And my outfit with Star Wars t-shirt, I love it

And the master bedroom where I was lucky enough to sleep!

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Camping with My Family 2022

As you'll know from previous years, Lee and I go camping with my family once a year which is always lovely if very tiring. This year because of the extra Jubilee bank holiday we decided to go then, and decided to go near Market Harborough. It seemed to go over very quickly but it was nice. My mum and stepdad went a day early and warned us it was cold at night so we went prepared with a hot water bottle and extra layers of clothing and bedding. It still turned out to be very cold though. 

We got there on the Thursday and got set up. Last year our king size airbed broke, so we had bought two single ones. They turned out to be far more comfortable than I imagined which was good! On Thursday night Rob cooked gumbo, a veggie one for me and Lee and meat for everyone else. It was really nice! My mum also rented Giant Jenga from the campsite so we played that for a bit. It was warm and sunny which boded well but unfortunately the weather turned and the rest of the time was really quite cold and rainy. Rob had also made the Jubilee pudding but I went for the amazing chocolate tart he had made alongside, which I could eat again right now! We had a fire pit in the evening which is always nice, and it turned out to be the best weather for it. 

I slept okay thought with many layers on, and on Friday morning Neil and Caroline made the same croissants for breakfast that Lee and I made last year - you cut them in half, put salami/veggie salami and cheese on, then grill them until warmed. So simple but so good.

Everyone dispersed for the day - Caroline and Neil went to look at some trains, Rob went for a walk, my mum, stepdad, Peter and Beth went to the Space Centre in Leicester. Lee and I went to Coventry to meet some friends of mine. I haven't seen them in forever so it was lovely. We sat in a cafe where I had a mint crunch cake and some delicious coffee. When they'd left us Lee and I went into a goth type shop nearby which had tons of crystals so I bought some and also a statue of a little black cat! 

We got back to camp first so relaxed for a bit. We cooked that evening - we did pasta and different sauces and veggies and some chicken (not for me) meaning that everyone could choose whatever they wanted on it. Everyone liked it. 

On Saturday morning Neil made a full English breakfast with veggie options for Lee and I. It was cold and windy so we were all sitting in their tent because it's got enough room for all of us. Lee and Peter and my mum and I decided to go into Market Harborough, my stepdad stayed at camp and everyone else went to look at a series of locks nearby. Market Harborough turns out to have lots of charity shops so we went in those, and had a coffee before we went back. We also managed to buy Lee two birthday presents for his 40th which is coming up in August, so that was good.

Back at camp we made s'mores. My friend Michelle gave me a kit for Christmas so I thought it would be fun to do while camping and it was! Everyone complained at me about how unflattering these photos were though, not my fault!

Caroline and co had all decided to pack up on Saturday afternoon and leave later that night because there was bad weather forecast so they took their tents down and we all ended up crowding into my mum's. It was her turn to cook but she had decided to order pizzas so we did that which was nice. Everyone left around 8.30/9pm so Lee and I sat in my mum's tent until bedtime. 

On the Sunday my mum and stepdad helped us take our tent down and we set off home quite early. It was a fun time but the weather did ruin things a little. I wasn't in as much pain as I thought I might be but I had been very cold. 

Our car was packed as usual

Getting our tent set up on the Thursday

Peter had forgotten any sunglasses and I keep some in the car so here he is looking magnificent in my heart shaped shades

Playing Giant Jenga

This was delicious!

Peter was trying to build a self supporting bridge but failed

Veggie gumbo

Jubilee pudding

Fire pit!

In the centre of Coventry on Friday now with the statue of Lady Godiva

Mint crunch cake

These must be the only photos from Friday... 

Because here we are in Market Harborough on Saturday lunchtime

Peter and I in the drizzle. I look shocking - it turned out I was a little ill with more gynae problems - I ended up in the hospital on the Monday just as an outpatient and now looking back I can tell I was unwell

Lee and Peter had huge hot chocolates in a nice cafe

Here's Peter with his

Making s'mores back at camp

Peter's was huge

He managed to eat it though

This notice was on the back of one of the toilets and I thought it was funny

And finally here's my lovely tent - here's to next year!

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Films of the Month - May

I watched ten films in May which wasn't bad considering that I had a really busy month. Here's what I saw:

I think Netflix recommended Greed to me. I don't really like Steve Coogan but when he's playing someone unlikeable like this he's good. I liked it

I've never seen Saturday Night and Sunday Morning although I've read the book, but years ago. I really enjoyed it, it's a classic

I really liked Respect, the biopic of Aretha Franklin. I didn't know much about her life so was really interested

I love Bedknobs and Broomsticks, it's a film I watched a million times when I was a kid, so I watched it one afternoon when I needed to not concentrate much. It's bonkers but fun

I've seen Springsteen & I before - it's a ton of fans talking about how much they love him and it's adorable, I like it and would recommend if you're a fan

Netflix really wanted me to watch Senior Year so I did. It was cute and fun in places, but annoying in others

I dunno why I wanted to watch Scott of the Antarctic but I did, and it was so interesting. John Mills was great

I had heard a lot about Our Father, about a fertility doctor who used his own sperm and the ensuing fall out. It's a terrifying documentary - so interesting but horrifying

I also enjoyed this documentary, Reversing Roe, about the state of abortion care in the US. It's four years old now but still so relevant. Definitely watch it

Lastly Sam and I watched Goodfellas together because Ray Liotta died. I love it, it's just so good

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Out for My Mum's Birthday

On the last Sunday in May we went out for my mum's birthday. Her birthday was actually the previous Friday, but she and my stepdad had gone away to Scarborough for it, so she had asked us to go out on the Sunday instead. My aunt and my cousin's wife were up too, and then my stepcousin N decided to come across too. My mum booked Qubana in Wakefield, where I've been a few times but not for ages, but I've always liked it. It's located in what used to be Barclays bank, so you can book the old vault for you privately, so my mum did that. It seats up to 10 people. 

We arrived at 6.30 and were greeted by a friendly staff member and shown into the vault. It's pretty cool - the table and chairs are lovely, and you can connect to their speaker, which I did, and put on a playlist of our music. There's curtains across the door. 

They have a few cocktails so I went for a Cuban Cherry which was gorgeous, I would have it again. They do tapas and then burgers and steaks and stuff. My mum, Niri, Beth and I all went for tapas. My stepdad had a steak and Lee had a chicken burger. 

I will say that I thought the vegetarian selection was a bit disappointing - perfectly fine but a bit heavy on rice and potatoes. I shared some bread with Lee to start with, then had patatas cava with tomato sauce and aioli, veggie jambalaya, and deep fried manchego. My mum and I shared some rose wine which was nice. 

I think everyone enjoyed their food, but service was slow. At around 8.15 we had only just had our mains cleared, and were discussing desserts. But my mum wanted us to go back to hers for a bit, and obviously Lee had to work the next day so I didn't want to be too late. So we decided to buy ice cream at the shop and eat that at my mum's rather than stay in the restaurant. It kind of felt like since we were in the vault we were out of sight and got forgotten a bit. It was a bit annoying especially as they could have sold us some desserts quite easily! 

But! It was nice to get together. I wore my Yours dress that is nice for a special occasion but easy to wear. It's black on the top and mint green and patterned on the skirt. I wore it with dolly shoes from Schuh and black footless Snag Tights. I also did some make up - just some concealer and a Models Own lipstick which I think is lovely on me! 

Here's my photos: 

Sitting in the vault!

A Cuban Cherry

Bread to start with, it was all nice

Veggie jambalaya

Deep fried manchego

Patatas casa

Me and Lee back at my mum's 

My black and mint green dress, I do love it

And Nirosha wanted to get in on the photo action too!

Monday, July 18, 2022

Vegan Chinese in York

Towards the end of May I went to York to see my friend Jac and to visit a vegan Chinese restaurant that I'd heard amazing things about. I haven't seen Jac since my birthday in January so it was well overdue! I drove up at 4pm as I didn't want to hit traffic, and managed to park really easily just across from the restaurant. Jacqui finished work at 5pm so we met then and went for a drink in an old church that's been turned into a bar, which was very sticky but pretty cool and it had an extensive cocktail menu. I had a rhubarb bramble which was marvellous.

We went across to The Orchid at 6pm. I've heard rave reviews from vegan friends so wanted to try it. We ordered vegan crackers to start with, then Jac had mini spring rolls while I went for vegetable gyoza. Then she had broccoli and ginger with noodles, and I had "prawn" sweet and sour with rice. Then we both had chocolate fudge cake with vegan cream. 

The food was nice enough but not amazing. I struggle to find vegetarian Chinese stuff around here from takeaways so I was really excited, but I didn't find the food THAT special. My "prawns" were nice, but there weren't really enough of them in the serving I didn't think. I did like my gyoza, which were steamed. It's mostly Chinese food but they do some Japanese and other Asian dishes too. The place was certainly busy enough and I'm sure that if you are vegan (I'm just vegetarian) you would appreciate knowing that it's a totally vegan kitchen. But I've had better food. It is cheap though! Three courses and drinks for both of us came to just over £50, which is good.

I took Jacqui home and stayed an hour or so there just chatting before driving home. It was so nice to see her!

On the ceiling in the old church/bar

Rhubarb bramble

Steamed gyoza

Jacqui's broccoli and ginger, which was nice

My king "prawns" in sweet and sour sauce

Chocolate fudge cake - it was lovely!