Thursday, February 27, 2014

So on the Saturday in Helmsley we went into a cafe called Crema which I really recommend - they do amazing hot chocolate and all their stuff is homemade. I've been in a few times and never been disappointed. 

We'd had a big breakfast so we just had hot chocolate and cake.

This was the red velvet cake with cream cheese icing that me and my mum had. She'd never had it before and was bemused! She liked it though. 

This was Lee's chocolate fudge cake with chocolate drizzled on top. Please excuse the finger in the top - my mum can't work my phone!

And here we are all standing on the bridge in Helmsley - thank you to the kindly stranger who offered to take this!

Monday, February 24, 2014

What I Wore February 14th

Lee and I went to Helmsley in North Yorkshire for Valentine's Day. It's a little town that I really like and where I'll often take visitors to Yorkshire. I've never stayed over, though, so we decided to join my mum and stepdad who were already going there for an evening at Duncombe Park. We all stayed in the Royal Oak which is on the market square in Helmsley, and which I recommend if you're looking for a B&B in the area.

Lee and I ate in the pub which was yummy, all homemade food and nice staff. We had a few drinks with my mum and Norman when they got back. On the Saturday we had a lovely breakfast in the B&B and then we had a lovely walk around Helmsley popping in all the shops.

Here's what I wore on the Friday night:

Purple chiffon dress: Yours Clothing - was one of the 99p dresses that they had on special offer a few weeks ago. Its original price was £40 which I wouldn't have paid, but for 99p I'm not complaining! 
Cardigan: New Look ages ago

Look at the swish landing behind me!

And a close up of my face and, apparently, cleavage!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

What I Made for My Friend

This is a complete showing off post! I know it's not fatshion, but it is an integral part of my life at the moment so here you go.

I recently learnt how to crochet. It was one of the things I wanted to do before I turned 30 and I actually managed it. Two friends taught me on a weekend away last November and I don't know why but it just made sense to me and I was away, tackling more complicated stitches and patterns. Crochet is great because it's very forgiving of mistakes and easily undone if it's wrong. I made some Christmas decorations and I'm making myself a scarf, but I wanted to make something for my friend Sarah.

I made the granny squares (around the edges) first, joined them together with a double crochet stitch on the front which I really like. I made the heart and had to wing it to make it into a square, but I think it looks okay. I had lots of problems sewing the crochet on to the cushion cover, so in real life it looks quite terrible, but the photos hide it. And the best thing is that Sarah loved it!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

What I Wore 31st January

I went to Meadowhall to see my friend Sarah and to give her her birthday present (which I'll share in another post). We went to Carluccio's where we had yummy starters and main courses. We wanted to go to Ed's Diner for milkshakes but there was a queue so we had ice creams instead. 

This dress was from Yours clothing a couple of years ago. It has tiny red hearts on it. The cardigan was a present from Lee, it is the Beth Ditto cardigan from a few years ago and he managed to get it on eBay for me for Christmas. It is maybe a tiny bit tight on me but I love it so much. The hearts are gold thread, so beautiful! 

Monday, February 3, 2014

OMCZ #25

I'm so sorry I haven't joined in with Out of My Comfort Zone in ages, and that this is late, but I'm finally here! This month's theme was accessories:

my idea was to go with accessories unless that has already been done.
I thought we can use scarves,bags or statement jewellery to show how you can change the look of an outfit and the bolder the better.

Nikki xx

I didn't go "out of my comfort zone" at all here, but I thought I'd show you my daily accessories anyway

I paint my nails a lot, I have SO much nail polish and I love it. This is one of my favourite polishes, it's For Audrey by China Glaze and it's supposed to be the Tiffany blue. 

This is my watch, I don't like really feminine watches so this is a unisex one from Argos. Lee has a matching one in teal green! 

My wedding and engagement rings. They were made for me by my cousin, who's a jeweller

My mum bought me this ring a few years ago, I love it

This bracelet was from somewhere cheap, I can't actually remember where but I wear it a lot.

My Simply Be boots that I'm wearing a lot at the moment, and cable knit leggings from New Look. I got the 24 in these and they're still way too big, but they look okay. 

And my necklace, which came from Twisted Siren which is a shop I heartily endorse! I love this, it's so in your face. 

And this is how I looked in general. I've worn this dress on the blog before. 

This is my right ear. I have three holes in the lobes of each ear and in my right ear here I have a conch piercing. It was the most painful thing ever!

This is my left ear. I've got three cartilage piercings in this ear, two at the top and one further down. The rainbow earrings were from Claire's Accessories. 

You can see I've dyed my hair back to brown, sigh!

Look at how everyone else did accessories: