Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Trip to Blackpool - Day 1

For Lee's 40th in August I bought him a spa evening at Ribby Hall, near Blackpool, and three nights away in an Airbnb nearby too. It was booked for early October so we set off on Thursday afternoon. We took the cats to stay with my mum, which they love. Traffic wasn't too bad getting over there and we were soon in the Airbnb, which was in the middle of nowhere and which was a converted barn in the owner's garden. It was so fancy inside - it had loads of gadgets in the kitchen, a huge bath, and a cosy lounge upstairs. I would have laid it out differently if it had been mine, but there we are!

Because I knew there was a huge bath I had gone prepared, taking some bath bombs with me. So just as it was getting dark I got in the bath, using a Body Shop Wild Pine bath bomb (it's one of the Christmas scents). It was lovely, really hot and deep bath. When I got out, Lee got in. I got dried in the bedroom upstairs and got into my pyjamas. We had taken pies each (mine was spiced chickpea from Tesco, so nice and vegan) and waffle fries to eat. There wasn't an oven though, just one of those convection ovens. Lee googled to work out how to use it, and it all turned out well! 

We watched a film in the living room upstairs. I took some photos of the interior of the place on both Thursday and on Sunday morning as we left, so I'll post them all here. 

The outside - in the summer I'm sure it would be really nice to open all those doors fully

I was wearing my Pits and Perverts LGSM t-shirt and a Scarlett and Jo skirt that used to be a dress - really comfy! My tights are new from Better Tights and are just plain black but sadly I can't recommend them. The fabric was really stiff and scratchy - I didn't like them at all. I may not wear them again!

The bedroom. Because of the low slope of the ceiling the bed was really low to the ground so I found it a bit challenging - I had to roll off on to my knees and then get up from there!

The lounge upstairs

Bath bomb!

I took a cute photo of my feet in the bath. I don't often love a bath but when I've got time to just relax I like them

My dressing gown came from Simply Be a few years ago, my mum bought me it for Christmas


This diver's helmet was in the corner of the lounge

And this was downstairs - personally I've had made this into the lounge, but the layout worked for us

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Meeting Up with Katie and Kate in York

On the first of October I went to York to see my friends Katie and Kate. We met at university - York St John - twenty years ago this autumn and we haven't seen each other in ages so it was high time we got together! Katie and I have seen each other more recently because she only lives in Wakefield, but I haven't seen Kate since 2019. 

We all lived in the same house for a few weeks. I introduced myself to Katie on the first day and we ended up both doing Theology and both being from Wakefield, so that was weird! In the other room was a girl called Gemma, and she knew Kate from home in Darlington. Kate hadn't got a room allocated, so uni told her to wait a few weeks until someone dropped out, and then she would get one. So she slept on Gemma's floor for a few weeks - she says it was about three weeks into term so that wasn't too bad. The four of us lived together in second and third years, in a lovely Victorian house near the Nestle factory. It always smelt of chunky Kitkats! Katie, Gemma, and Kate were three of my bridesmaids when Lee and I got married when I had just finished uni, but I lost touch with Gemma in around 2007. The others don't talk to her now either, but I'm glad the three of us are still friends. It's strange because I didn't get my first choice accomadation (which had ensuite rooms and an internet connection) and I was absolutely furious about it, but if I had, I wouldn't have known Katie and Kate. I would have been on the same course as Katie but might not have become friends. It's funny how things work out! 

We had mentioned meeting up in Leeds but that was earlier in the year, so as it was our twenty year anniversary (how am I old enough to have gone to university TWENTY years ago???) we said we should go to York as that's where we met and lived for three lovely years. My friend Jac lives in York so I went through early and had a cuppa and a chat at hers for a bit which was also lovely before getting the bus into town. York isn't always that accessible for me anymore but parking at Jac's and walking to the bus stop was ideal. I got off the bus at the theatre and walked down to The Ivy where we had booked a table. It's a bit more expensive than we would usually go for but we had decided to push the boat out. 

Katie and Kate weren't too far behind me. It was so nice to see Kate! We ordered a bottle of prosecco (I just had a glass) and some food. We all went for twice baked cheese souffle and then I had avocado and poched eggs with hollandaise sauce, which was lush. We shared some chocolate bombs for pudding. 

We weren't moved along quickly and there were tables free, so we sat for a long while chatting. Then we went to the Pitcher and Piano just near City Screen for a drink - I had a virgin mojito which was really nice. It was late before I set off home but so worth it as we'd had such a lovely day and had chatted so much. It was just like old days!

I pulled out this old Simply Be black dress with a pattern on it - I love it and don't wear it enough. It's strapless so I also pulled on my Beth Ditto heart cardigan which is soft. I added some more of my new tights - black with a gorgeous gold pattern on them. I found some gold jewellery including a gorgeous vintage brooch that I've had for ages but haven't worn before. 

The three of us in The Ivy

Cheese souffle, I could eat this again right now

Avocado eggs - really simple but so good

Virgin mojito - as you can see they both an Aperol Spritz

In Pitcher and Piano

My outfit - the dress is cotton and really simple but I really like it

Close up of the gold pattern on my tights

And my jewellery - I made the earrings!

Friday, November 25, 2022

Films of the Month - September

I didn't watch many films in September, but this was partly due to being in France where we didn't watch any TV at all. I love doing that on holiday sometimes! We did have Spotify on quite a lot, and in the evenings we did quizzes or played games. 

But here's what I did see:

This Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers musical was on the BBC I think so I watched it one Saturday afternoon when I needed to relax. I really liked it!

Someone on Twitter recommended Metal Lords on Netflix, so I watched it. It's really funny, it's about two boys trying to start a metal band and they end up with a girl and her cello. There's so many funny bits, and cameos from some of the most well known metal stars (like Rob Halford!) that I found it definitely worth a watch

Looking for Eric was on ITV and I thought I'd give it a try. Eric, the main character, is a postman with an ex wife, a granddaughter, and two errant stepsons. He considers suicide because he feels so low, but is helped by his friends and his love for Eric Cantona (who also appears). I liked it, it's a decent British movie

9 to 5: The Story of a Movement was also on Netflix, it's about the women's rights movement in the USA in the 70s, which focussed on equal pay and things like that. It was so interesting to listen to, and Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin turned up to talk about their experiences and the film 9 to 5 which was loosely based on the movement. A must watch if you're interested in feminist history!

I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of Creedence Clearwater Revival but I like them enough. This film shows their whole show at the Royal Albert Hall, but also their rise to the top and how they got there. It was so interesting and the music was pretty good too

I wanted to watch Back to the Future III so Lee and I watched it together. It's not the best one but I do like it!

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Trip to the Theatre and What I wore 29th September

My mum and I had tickets to see Bugsy Malone at the Lyceum in Sheffield on the 29th of September. It's a film that we both love,  but we had never seen it live so when I saw it was coming I said we should go. We decided to go to the matinee on Thursday afternoon, although we hadn't quite considered that this meant that there'd be loads of schoolkids in there. They were mostly really well behaved, though. 

We set off early and went to Middlewood tram stop to get on the tram into Sheffield city centre. We went to Pho for lunch which my mum had never visited before but she enjoyed what she had. I had my usual - summer rolls with peanut sauce and tofu curry with rice. Delicious! We walked down Chapel Walk to go to the theatre and popped into a couple of the shops there. It's very cute there, I highly recommend it. 

We waited in the theatre for a little bit before finding our seats. I pre ordered drinks for the interval which turned out to be really useful and meant we didn't have to wait. The show was really good - it's all child actors and Fat Sam and Bugsy himself were really good. The show was really tongue in cheek too, which I liked. We enjoyed it.

We got the tram back to the car and then my mum dropped me off. I had recently bought two pairs of sparkly tights from Snag. One was from the Halloween collection and one was from the A Court of Thorns and Roses collection. These are sparkly silver with stars on and I really like them! I wore them with patent shoes from Schuh as if I am five years old and going to a party, because why not? I also wore my Clash t-shirt and a Scarlett and Jo skirt. 

It was a nice day! My mum enjoyed the show and also the tram, haha

Tofu curry

Summer rolls - I offered my mum some but she didn't like them 

In the interval of the show - the safety curtain was coming down as I quickly took this picture!

Sparkly tights and shiny shoes

And my outfit

Monday, November 21, 2022

Day Trip to Holmfirth

On the 24th of September Lee and I went to Holmfirth for the day out, just for something to do. It's a lovely place and has some nice shops, as well as a vegan ice cream shop. I don't know the restaurants very well so I went on TripAdvisor and found that there's a new place called Harvey's, so I booked a table there. There's one of the same chain at Fenay Bridge which I've driven past tons of times but have never been to, and apparently they're opening one up in Huddersfield town centre soon so that'll be cool. They had quite a few vegetarian options so I was happy about that.

We parked next to the bus stops and went into a few charity shops and other shops on the same side of the bridge as the car, before we went for lunch. It was quite busy, which is nice to see. We went into Harvey's and the hostess noticed my walking stick so immediately switched us to a table downstairs instead of one upstairs. That was really good and meant a lot! We sat down and I got an elderflower and orange cocktail, I can't remember now exactly what it was, but it was nice. Lee ordered a chicken burger with katsu fries and something else in it, he liked it a lot. I had a halloumi and vegetable kebab which came with chips and flatbread and dips. It was so lovely, I really liked it! We looked at the dessert menu but I wanted vegan ice cream so we just paid and left.

We walked over the bridge, and went into the bakery on it to buy bread and pasties for the following day, which were all lush when we ate them. We went to the ice cream shop where I made the wrong choice because the coffee ice cream was not nice - it almost tasted burnt? But never mind! I saw a couple of the Kirklees model dog things, which are cute. We went in every charity shop there is and I picked up two books and a craft kit which was cool. 

We set off back about 2.45. I had an appointment at a pharmacy near our house for my Covid booster jab at about 5pm so I rang and asked if I could go early and they said yes, just show up. So we went there, I did have to wait about 20 minutes but it was fine. I am glad to have had the booster! I had a sore arm for a few days but was otherwise unaffected. I had my flu jab about ten days later - just keep jabbing me up! 

I was wearing this Scarlett and Jo skirt that used to be a dress, and a plain black top, and my Snag black footless tights. I think this was the first time I wore my hoodie this autumn too! 

From the car park in Holmfirth

And overlooking the river

Lee and I on the bridge

And in Harvey's


Halloumi kebab

Two of the dog thingies

The chocolate ice cream was lovely but the coffee one was not, sadly

What I bought in the charity shops

My outfit

And my tights - I love the footless one!

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Meeting Up with Chloe and Lolly in Meadowhall

On the 23rd of September I went to Meadowhall to meet up with Chloe and Lolly, which we've done quite a few times recently and which we all enjoy. I set off quite early and met Laura at Starbucks for a coffee first. Chloe joined us not long after. We went into Yours, where I tried on a jacket that I loved and a skirt that was too big. (I'm between sizes and it's very confusing!)

We went into Flying Tiger where I bought some bits to send to my stepcousin Nirosha, who's just gone to university. We went into Lush, where SNOW FAIRY was back on the shelves, which was exciting. I bought some shower gel and some of their new wax melts - you can use them in the bath OR use them in a wax burner, which is exciting. They smell so nice!

We went for lunch in Wagamama which was delicious as usual. I had bang bang cauliflower and tofu raisukaree which I most often have there because I like them both a lot. We sat chatting for ages and didn't feel we had to move as it wasn't really busy. We went into Kenji after lunch and then said goodbye as by then time was ticking on! It was a lovely day - I really appreciate friends who you can have deep conversations with. 

I was wearing my rainbow dress from Caroline Dress Room and bright pink footless tights from Snag Tights alongside. It was a fun outfit to meet up with these two gorgeous darlings. 

Lolly and Chloe in Wagamama

And a picture of all three of us

Edamame beans - I think I'm the only person ever who likes eating these!

Bang bang cauliflower

Tofu curry - it's so good, Laura had it too

And finally Laura and I outside Kenji before we all said goodbye

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Two Gigs in September

After we got back from France I did nothing on Thursday but then on Friday and Saturday I saw some friends and went to two gigs. It was busy! 

On the Friday my friend Lucinda was coming up to Sheffield for a conference, so she'd asked if we could meet for lunch. Then she wondered if we could meet in Chesterfield so she could try out an electric bike at a workshop there, so I drove there and picked her up at the station and we went to the bike shop. Then we drove to Sheffield and went to Saigon 68 for lunch, which is a delicious Vietnamese cafe that I love. We shared fake chicken satay (I miss chicken satay) and salt and pepper tofu (a must from Saigon 68) and I had fake chicken red curry and egg fried rice. So good! 

I went home and relaxed for a bit before Lee and I set off towards Manchester to see the Toy Dolls. We booked these tickets three and a half years ago in 2019 but due to Covid it's been cancelled twice already. I couldn't quite believe it was actually happening! They are a fun punk band that Lee loves. Lee's brother Andrew and our friends Paul and Sam were also going. We met up outside and went in together. I know accessibility sucks at Manchester Academy so I hadn't even attempted it - I just stood at the back instead. Lee and Andrew and Paul went a bit further forward but Sam stayed with me. It was a good gig, we enjoyed it. 

On Saturday I had a relaxed day before going to Leeds with my friend Stacey to see Suede. I went to hers and she drove us to Leeds. We had tea in Nandos before going to the Brudenell Social Club. I managed to get early access so got us two seats on the top level. I have only seen Suede once before, back in 2012 in London, and it was so good. This was the new album played in full and it was really good - it finished really early which was weird but did mean I was home very early! And got to bed early!

I was wearing my Libertines t-shirt and a skirt that used to be a dress, as well as some new-to-me burgundy tights. Lolly gave them to me - I think they're from Snag but maybe a size smaller than I'm used to, or maybe it's just that they're thinner? I find them comfortable though, which is good. 

Fake chicken satay

Salt and pepper tofu, I love this so much

Fake chicken red curry

Tons of rice!

Me and Lucinda

Over the moors on the way to Manchester

Coming into Manchester

Sam and me, we struggled to get a decent photo but Sam looks fine!

Toy Dolls!

Tights and Converse combo on my way out on Saturday

Suede! Actual Suede!

They were very good

Brett Anderson! I love him!

And finally my outfit when I got home