Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Christmas Trip to Wentworth Garden Centre

In December Lee and I were supposed to be going to York to meet his mum and stepdad and go round the Christmas markets, but unfortunately they had to cancel. Lee wanted to have the day off anyway, so I said we should go to Wentworth Garden Centre in Rotherham. It's always nice to go close to Christmas; we did it a couple of years ago and had a nice lunch. So we set off just before 11.

We first of all went round the shop, looking at all the nice gift things they have. The Christmas shop was next, which is huge, and which has a million baubles of all different price ranges. I could have spent a fortune, but I just bought a star shaped door decoration and a glass bauble for the tree.

We went into the cafe at just after 12. I knew it would be heaving and it was, so we queued up for ages. It was fine, really. Lee went for a hot turkey and stuffing sandwich with roast potatoes, and I went for a goat's cheese and mushroom panini. Unfortunately it wasn't that nice, it was a bit too full of cheese and mushroom. We had also got cake, but were both too full to eat them, so we took them with us to eat at home.

Next we went into the pet centre and looked at the hamsters and fish, and then we paid to go into the petting zoo where there's tons of animals! It was absolutely pouring it down, but it was still nice anyway. I liked the meerkats best, Lee liked the llama.

After we had finished in the zoo we came home, we both needed to relax for the rest of the day, but I'm glad we had got out and had a nice time.

This tree in the Christmas shop was SO TWEE, I loved it! I wanted mermaid and starfish baubles, but Lee wouldn't have it

We did both like this Christmassy scene though. I love the roundabout

Peppermint hot chocolate

My delicious orange torte

Lee's orange hot chocolate - I preferred mine

Syrian hamsters in the pet shop


Axolotl - these are so weird but I love them

More fish!

And more!

The llama was so cute, he just did not care

These are pygmy goats

And a Shetland pony - the daughter to the one below

She let Lee stroke her


Look at the foxes on the shelf! They were orphaned when their mother died so were handreared by the centre and now live there

Guinea pigs! 


More goat

Look at the tiny piglets

And their mum

And ducks!

And finally the meerkats, this one was under the heat lamp

So majestic, I love them

Can you see both of them under the other lamp?

And this is what I wore, which I blogged about recently so I won't bore you with it again!

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Two Meals Out in December

I went out twice in mid December for delicious meals. The first night, Lee and I had to go to Sheffield for something so afterwards we went to Saigon 68 to eat. We've been lots of times. It's a very delicious Vietnamese restaurant and the food is cheap, delicious, and plentiful. We always end up bringing home leftovers because you get loads.

I haven't been since I went vegetarian, so I went for the fake chicken Vietnamese stir fry with egg noodles. It is so delicious, I ate about half and brought the rest home. Lee and I also shared some salt and pepper tofu, which is extremely spicy and yummy!

Afterwards we went into the international supermarket just opposite. Lee bought a couple of different types of instant noodles, which he often eats for lunch. I bought a bunch of different types of fizzy pop that I either haven't tried before or haven't had for ages. I wrote a whole zine about fizzy pop that you can buy here. I love trying new types!

The next day I went to Leeds to meet my friend Laura to swap Christmas presents. We went to Bundobust, where I've never been before although Laura has. It is all vegetarian food and a lot of it is vegan, so I was excited to try. Laura and I walked round to it together, and were there as it opened meaning we easily got a table. It got really busy over lunch!

I went for bundo chaat, which is a chickpea salad with hard bits of chaat in it, served cold. I've had similar before and really like it, although it is often really spicy! I also ordered paneer tikka, which was paneer kebabs with mushroom and pepper, served with chutneys over them. I had puri bread to go with them, and I got a mango lassi too.

The paneer kebabs were really delicious and lovely, and the lassi was gorgeous. I will definitely go back! I bought a serving of onion bhajis to take home for Lee, who let me have one. It was really good!

Vegetarian chick*n Vietnamese stir fry

Salt and pepper tofu

The cans of pop I bought! I also bought some peach juice to drink with prosecco, hah

Inside Bundobust before it got busy. I like the aesthetic!

The wall next to me was covered in Indian ephemera

Lassi. I did take a picture of my bundo chaat but it was blurred and I didn't realise until later!

Paneer tikka

And some delicious puri!

Friday, January 24, 2020

Lunch Out with Friends

At the beginning of December I went to York to hang out with Sam and Jacqui overnight. I always feel like when that has happened, Christmas can properly start - it always really gets me in the mood. On the Saturday we didn't do much except sit around in our pyjamas, eat snacks, drink wine, and watch rubbish TV. It was great! I love hanging out like that with friends.

On Sunday we went into the city centre for lunch. We had booked a table at Bill's on Coney Street, where we had also had lunch last year and really enjoyed it. However, the service was soooo slow this time. It was busy, but there were plenty of members of staff around but still things were taking forever.

The food was good though. I went for the festive menu, which was three courses for £24.95. I had mushroom soup with garlic croutons, then a pumpkin, chestnut and fig roast on a bed of mash, and then a white chocolate and orange mousse. I also had a hedgerow fizz cocktail which was delicious. Sam and Jac enjoyed their food too.

After we had eaten we had to say our goodbyes; Sam went off to the station and I went back to Jac's in time for Lee to pick me up. It was a lovely time though!

Hedgerow fizz - Sam had the same thing

The soup was nice, not too thick and nicely garlicky

The main came with a vegetable gravy which I liked a lot and would have liked a bit more of

White chocolate and orange mousse - it had a layer of chocolate ganache in the bottom and chocolate soil on top!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Libertines at Leeds Academy

At the beginning of December Sam and I went to Leeds to see The Libertines. They're my favourite band, ever, and I've spent the last decade and a half watching them and their associated bands. I didn't see The Libertines themselves until 2014, when they were back together to make a new album. It's still amazing to me that they're still going, despite everything!

So when tickets came out in September and they were playing close by in Leeds, I asked Sam if she wanted to go. She had a Ticketmaster gift voucher, so said yes. She and I met through The Libertines originally, way back in 2006, on Livejournal, but she isn't as bothered about them as I am. Still, at least we would get to see them together, which was nice.

We went before doors opening as I needed to get a seat on the balcony. My friends Rachael and Sarah were there so we chatted to them before going in. The support bands were okay - a guy with a guitar who I quite liked, and then Cruel Hearts Club who are a bit too electronic for me but sounded alright. Sam and I had a couple of drinks as my mum had taken me and Lee was picking me up as parking is a nightmare round Leeds Academy!

The Libertines were good - sounding tight, fast, enthusiastic. They got the crowd absolutely bouncing and even from the balcony we had a decent view. I love them a lot, and am looking forward to hopefully hearing new music from them soon.

Me and Sam before they came on

Taking a bow right at the end

And a copy of the setlist, although they put Bucket Shop in and finished with Don't Look Back Into the Sun, which I was glad about as I LOVE Bucket Shop and can take or leave I Get Along!

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Band of Gold at Leeds Grand

At the beginning of December Sam and I went to Leeds Grand Theatre to see Band of Gold. I saw it advertised absolutely ages ago and asked her if she wanted to go. I was a bit too young to see the TV show back in the 90s, although I think my parents watched it. I like Kay Mellor's work so wanted to go.

I arrived early to the theatre and there was a red carpet outside! Kay Mellor herself was there! Apparently the show was being filmed for something, and that was why. I went in to sit just inside to wait for Sam, and the actors who play Priya and Vanessa on Emmerdale came in too! Gaynor Faye was in the show so I guess they had come to see her, which was nice.

Sam arrived and we went straight in to sit down in the theatre. The show has quite a lot of transitioning between scenes which I found a bit distracting. It's quite bitty, you know? I did think it was funny and I liked seeing it, but I probably wouldn't see it again.

In the interval I moved out of our row to let people out and managed to trip up a step between our row and the next. I fell over completely on to my face, and I really shocked myself. Sam came running over, first aid arrived too. I had banged my arm and my knee so I was given some ice packs for them. I was okay, just a bit shaken. I managed to watch the rest of the show, and then drove home. Once I got home my arm was starting to swell up and then I got a massive egg shaped bruise on it. My entire body hurt the next day. Not a great end to the night!

The banner outside

And Kay Mellor!

Friday, January 17, 2020

What I Wore 2nd December

On the 2nd of December I went to craft club like I do most Monday mornings. It was a cold day so I pulled out my Christmas jumper and this dress. I haven't worn it in ages. Laura gave me it a few years ago, and I love the paisley pattern and the colours. I feel like it's a bit of an odd shape on me, but I'm also trying to not care too much. I think it looks fine in the photos, and it's really soft and quite warm, so I'm going to try to wear it more often. It's a nice length and the sleeves are a good length too.

My jumper is lovely and cosy, but when I took it off when I arrived I realise it had a few marks on it, so I didn't get a photo of it. I threw it in the washing basket when I got home.

Jane took this photo of me as craft club finished, bless her!

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Films of the Month - November

I didn't watch many films in November, or at least it felt that way, although the actual number is eleven. I was busy writing for Nanowrimo. I didn't actually write 50,000 words of one project, but I did write 50,000 words over several projects! I got three zines finished ready for sticking, and I wrote a fanfic for an exchange I'm doing. I'm counting it as a win! Sometimes rules just need to be broken.

Here's the films I did watch:

Someone had recommended Girls Trip to me so when I saw it on Netflix I thought I would watch it. I enjoyed it

This was on when Lee and I were away in Grassington. I loved this film as a kid and enjoyed the rewatch

I've never seen Reservoir Dogs so Lee and I watched it while we were on holiday. I thought it was okay

Airplane is one of Lee's favourite films so we watched this while we were away too. It's daft but I like it

I've seen The Help before but watched it again, I really like it

I read the book Let It Snow last Christmas (my review is here) so when I saw that the film adaptation had come to Netflix I watched it straight away, even though it was a bit early to be festive. I liked it, although the book is better

Netflix also recommend The Laundromat, which is about money laundering. I thought it was really good, I would recommend it

I've never seen the live action version of Cinderella and I liked it. It looks really pretty

Lee and I watched Life of Brian and it never fails to make me laugh

I've never seen Mrs Brown, either. It's about Queen Victoria and a man she got close to after Albert died. It's really lovely, Billy Connolly is great

Lastly I watched the Secret Life of Pets 2. I liked it, although it's not as good as the first one