Thursday, March 31, 2022

Films of the Month - January

I watched ten films in January which was a good start to the year I felt. I went to the cinema at the end of the month which I really enjoyed, I would as always like to make this more of a habit but never seem to manage to! Clearly Covid hasn't helped so we'll see how we do in 2022!

Here's what I watched:

Someone recommend Teen Spirit to me, with Elle Fanning playing a girl who auditions for an X Factor type show. I really liked it - I like Elle and think she always does brilliantly and I enjoyed this. Very cute

I can't remember why I wanted to watch Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy but I did, and I liked it. It's got a great cast and I liked the story

Lee and I watched The Death of Stalin one Friday night. We've seen it before but not for ages. I like it, it's really funny

On our first night away for my birthday we watched Jaws, it's one of our favourites and it was on Netflix. It's a classic isn't it, I just love it

On the Thursday of our trip we watched two films. Firstly Almost Famous which I LOVE, I just love the story so much and the cast is just gorgeous. One of my faves!

Then we watched Fargo, so we had a bit of a Frances McDormand thing as she's also in Almost Famous. I have seen this before but not for absolutely ages. It's so funny, just perfectly put together

I've been meaning to read the book for Where'd You Go Bernadette for ages, but never got round to it. I did know there was a film but had forgotten about it. I was reminded by someone else watching it, so finally got round to it. I liked it, Cate Blanchett was good

I read Our Souls At Night in late 2021 for my book club so wanted to watch the film even though I knew that it ends differently to the book. It's a nice slow kind of film, Jane Fonda and Robert Redford are both great

My mum and I saw the trailer for the third Kingsman film when we saw West Side Story in December and thought it looked interesting, so when I realised it was a series I decided to watch the first one. I really liked it! I liked how it was kind of tongue in cheek towards the spy genre. The cast is great!

Finally, I went to the cinema with Sam and Jodie to see Belfast, which is about Kenneth Branagh's early life in Belfast. It looks amazing and we all really liked it. 

Monday, March 28, 2022

Brunch in Leeds

The day after our day out in Leeds, I went back to meet Sam and Jac for brunch. They had stayed over in a hotel, so it seemed ideal. I got the train from Barnsley and met them just before 11. We had a couple of drinks and some lunch together. It feels like forever since I saw them so it was nice to! We went to Banyan just opposite the train station. I've been before for bottomless brunch, but not for ages. 

I had two Wild Strawberry Martinis in the spirit of hair of the dog - they were really nice and not too full of alcohol. To eat I had roast cauliflower Malayan curry which was absolutely gorgeous, I would definitely eat that again! It was spicy and really tasty. 

I was wearing this new dress from Yours, yes again it's more of a summer dress but I just don't care! I love the bardot shoulders and I REALLY love the pattern. It is slightly tight on me but I liked it so much I wore it anyway! 

I liked the flowers that came in my cocktails

Absolutely gorgeous vegetable curry - THIS is how you do vegetarian food

Cloud pattern dress from Yours - I love it

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Birthday Day Out

I know I'm so lucky to have loving friends and family who want to spend time with me - that's where I'll start this post! I made plans to go out just after my birthday in Leeds with some of my favourite people and I'm so lucky that so many people came. I also got some really lovely presents from people, I am again so lucky!

I booked a table at 12.45 at The Botanist underneath Trinity. I haven't been before, but I've always wanted to go. Lee and I arrived and my mum, stepdad, stepcousin N, Steph, and Leanne were already there. I had pre-ordered a birthday cocktail for myself and an Aperol Spritz tree because I knew my mum and stepdad and I would all like that, so it seemed ideal. Sam and Jac came soon afterwards and although Stacey was on her way she was delayed so the rest of us ordered. I went for bang bang cauliflower and then the halloumi kebabs. The cauliflower was gorgeous although I was a bit jealous of people who had the deep fried onion petals - I'll have to have that next time! The hanging kebabs come with an oil that you pour over from the top, and have fries at the bottom. I really liked mine, I would recommend them! 

Stacey arrived and we had another drink before heading upstairs to Angelica's. We said goodbye to Steph and Leanne but I'm so glad they both came! Angelica's only had a table outside so we braved the cold. They have blankets and stuff and we eventually moved to a table under a heater which was marginally better. I had a lovely glass of wine. 

At 6pm my mum had booked a table at the Cast Iron bar and grill which is just over the road from Trinity. We ended up in there a couple of years ago and found it nice. It's connected to the Marriott Hotel which does give it a bit of a weird vibe BUT we liked it. It turned out the table was in the restaurant at the back which was really nice and quiet and the staff were great. We all had bits to eat and some drinks and stuff - it was really lovely! We stayed in there until after 9pm before going our separate ways.

I was wearing a new dress from Simply Be - it's peach with white dots and it's really more of a sumemr dress but I wanted to wear it! It's a nice material and I really like it. 

It was such a lovely day, I'm so glad we did it! I've got loads of photos: 

Jasmine using my cushion as a pillow first thing in the morning

And Poppy doing... whatever this is

Aperol tree! 

There was a sign on the table, too. Very cute!

Bang bang cauliflower and a really nice dip

I made everyone do round the table slefies so here's me and Lee

Me and N 

N and my stepdad

My mum and stepdad

My mum and Jac

Jac and Sam

Sam and Steph

And finally Steph and Leanne! As I said, Stacey arrived a bit later

N doesn't drink alcohol so she was on the mocktails. Mine (on the right) was strawberry and elderflower and some kind of alcohol

My hanging kebab - Lee had a chicken one and my mum had a chicken and chorizo one. I think everyone enjoyed their food!

Sitting on the roof at Angelica's drinking wine

Me and Sam under the heater

An espresso martini for me

And here's my dress which I wore with Snag footless tights!

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Birthday Trip Day 3

We didn't make many plans for the Thursday of our trip away. We both really needed to relax as we'd had a busy few weeks (including my accounts year end) and had been ill, so we both slept in. I got up and watched the sea again for a bit, and then we both got bathed/showered and I took my sweet time getting dressed. Around noon Lee made brunch for us, which was lovely. I was wearing a Yours dress which I've had forever but which I always find makes me feel good, so I can't get rid of it! It was much greyer outside on the Thursday which made me even happier it had been sunny the day before! 

We set off after brunch and again went to the big amusement arcade. We played pool and bowling and I thrashed Lee at both, so he wasn't impressed with me, especially as I am actually rubbish at pool and made a few lucky shots. We also went into a couple of charity shops.

Then we drove up to Flamborough Head and looked at the sea for a bit, but it was blowing a gale and very cold so we didn't stay long. We drove round a bit more and then ended up back in Bridlington where we went into a very cute little cafe called the Latte Lounge. We were freezing and needed hot drinks so Lee had a hot chocolate and I had a spiced chai latte which was absolutely gorgeous. I'm happy we found an independent place rather than a chain!

We got back to the apartment around 5pm. We had considered going out for tea but Lee wasn't feeling well (his sciatica was bad and he's STILL dealing with vertigo) so we ordered fish and chips online for delivery. I don't generally eat fish but I really fancied it AND we were by the sea so I knew it would be fresh and gorgeous - and it was. I enjoyed every mouthful! 

In the evening we watched two films, and I did some cross stitching and Lee played on his Switch. It was so nice and relaxing and just what we both needed. 

On the Friday morning we just packed up and came home, via my mum's to pick up the kittens! It was a lovely few days away and such a nice celebration for my birthday. 

See the sky was much greyer

Lee playing pool

Lee playing bowling

But see I absolutely thrashed him

Flamborough - there's a path down but we didn't bother

In the car, a bit windswept

The chalk tower, I think 

And Flamborough lighthouse

From further away

Spiced chai latte 

Lee with his hot chocolate

Yours dress, I love how easy it is to wear but it still looks really nice!

And this was the view out of the window just before we left on Friday morning

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Birthday Trip Day 2

I woke up around 9 on my birthday and sat by myself in the living room for a bit watching the sun on the sea outside - it was such a clear and sunny day and it was really lovely. Lee got up and we had some breakfast and I opened presents from him and from a few other people. My aunt bought me a few pairs of Snag Tights which was ace! Lee bought me a white pair of slip on Converse - I already have a black pair and I wore them all last summer as they're so comfy and easy to wear. 

My mum and stepdad arrived about 11.30, they had come from home and made good time. As the weather was so nice I wanted to walk down on the beach. My stepdad couldn't manage the steps, but I managed them which was good. He stayed on a bench at the top and the rest of us walked down the beach for a bit. The sun was low in the sky and right on the sea and sand and it was so gorgeous! 

We went back into the apartment and had some lunch - we had brought some bread and sandwich fillings and stuff, so that was ideal. Then we set off into Bridlington itself around 1.45. We parked and went in a HUGE amusement arcade that was open. Lee played Outrun and we played on the 2p machines, then played bowling. I tripped over entirely as I was taking my first shot (I didn't see the little step up to the wooden bit), dropped the ball, it went down the aisle and I still managed to score 7! Haha. My mum won, she's always been good at bowling. 

After a couple of hours we went back to the apartment. My mum and Norman took some photos of the sunset out the front of the apartment; I'd warned them it would look nice so they had both brought their cameras. We watched TV for a bit then went out to Aloha in the town centre. 

I had wanted to go a Thai restaurant but when I looked at the website, it was closed because the owners were in Thailand! I looked all over for other vegetarian choices and came upon Aloha, which was part American steakhouse, part Mexican grill, part Hawaiian tiki bar. Yes, very weird, but the menu was extensive and there was a whole page of veggie and vegan choices. I had grilled halloumi to start with which came with a lovely five bean salad, and then a veggie chilli quesedilla which came with salads and chips. There was so much that I brought one whole quesedilla home with me and ate it on the Friday night. Everyone enjoyed their food which was good. I had a couple of cocktails too which were both lovely. 

My mum and Norman set off home after we'd eaten and we went back to the apartment. It was a lovely birthday and I'm glad my mum and Norman could come! 

I was wearing my new Libertines t-shirt which my mum bought me for Christmas - it's a 2XL and so soft and fits perfectly. I paired it with my flamingo skirt (was a dre4ss but the bodice didn't fit so my mum modified it for me) and think it matched well!

9am, sun was on the right and the whole thing looked gorgeous! This is why I wanted a sea view! 

White slip on Converse - I don't expect them to stay white for long though

The sun was just so beautiful

Looking up the beach towards Bridlington. My stepdad has a paparazzi lens and he managed to take such a good photo that you could see people on the harbour!

Looking the other way

Selfie on the beach. This is 38 I guess!

This was the back of our apartment - ours was the bottom right under the balcony

Our shadows on the beach

I love photos like this with the sun on the sand. I have one I took in northern France in November 2005, it's stunning

Me and my mum 

Next to our apartments were several others just like it. They were so weirdly just in the middle of nowhere, but were really nice

I love it when the sea leaves patterns like this too

Looking up towards Bridlington from the actual beach

Me and Lee

My mum gave me this gold bracelet - I'd been after one for a while and she had a gold chain that my dad had bought her (which is obviously forever ago because he died in 2008). She never wore it so she had it made into two bracelets, one for each of us! Isn't that lovely? It obviously means a lot cos it was a gift from my dad. I think I might buy some charms for it

Now in Bridlington, here's the ferris wheel

Inside the amusements, Lee was impressed by their Outrun set up

We watched him play it for a while, he did really well

Me and my mum!

Playing bowling, this is after I fell. I'm writing this ten days later and my knee is still bruised and sore

Lee's tongue was blue because he had an Ice Blast

My mum bowling

See, she won! 

Lee and I played Mario Kart, I think I won but can't be sure

The funfair - I love seaside towns in the winter when they're all abandoned

And the ferris wheel again

This must have been the moon when we got back to the apartment, because the sun doesn't set over the sea there!

My outfit

A blue cocktail which was delicious

Grilled halloumi and bean salad

Another cocktail, I think it was like a Long Island iced tea, but with fruit juice

I stole the umbrella from it


And finally, I took this photo as we left because I was showing my stepdad how the iphone has an aperture opening so you can take pretty decent photos in the dark. It's nice isn't it?!