Friday, March 8, 2013

What I Wore 6th March

I haven't been here for ages, I'm really sorry! The next few posts might be out of order because I've got some photos on the camera and some on my phone. This is what I wore on Wednesday to go to uni

Jenna took this photo of me just in the foyer of Sheffield Hallam. I'm wearing galaxy print leggings from New Look, black knit dress from Asos, and my new red hoodie from New Look. I bought it in Birmingham last weekend, and was thrilled because I now get student discount in New Look! This could be dangerous! 

My pink bag is by LYDC and the one of my left shoulder is from Paperchase. This week in my lecture a friend of mine said "You like your patterns, don't you?!"

I'm enjoying the MA - it's hard work but it will be worth it. 


  1. Love the leggings glad your enjoying the ma xx

  2. I bought that same hoodie last week! Twins! Patterns for the win :) x

  3. I love the outfit, i need a hoodie, will be looking in New Look next time i go. Patterns rock. x

  4. Love the leggings! You look so studenty :)