Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Photo an Hour 21st February

It was Photo An Hour on Saturday so I joined in on Instagram during the day (sullen_hearts) and am posting my photos here. It wasn't an ordinary day for me as I headed across to Manchester to see some friends.

8am and the cat woke me up by standing on me and poking me in the face. She wanted cuddles. 

9am and I got out of the shower

10am and this was the view from my car as I drove to Manchester. This is near Penistone, you can see the train viaduct.

11am and I was in the fitting room at Topsy Curvy. I love this wallpaper!

Noon and I was in Slattery's waiting for my friends. It's a gorgeous restaurant in Whitefield, Manchester, with amazing cakes and chocolate goods. I recommend the hot chocolate!

1pm is featuring Gillian and Michelle. I have known these girls since 6th form college and love them both. Gillian has just got engaged so we were talking about the wedding!

2pm and this was my dessert - the Wicked Chocolate Sampler. The cream is in an edible pot, and the melted chocolate is too. However, after my delicious main course of pate, cheese, bread, and chutneys, I ate barely any of this and brought it home! I ate the melted chocolate because otherwise it solidifies, and most of the (white chocolate dipped) cookie, but brought the rest home. It's still as delicious today though!

3pm and I had just set off around the M60

4pm and it was very wintry and snowy over Woodhead Pass. I took it slow - better than not arriving at all. 

5pm and I was safely on the couch talking to Lee, who wasn't ignoring me, honestly. 

6pm and I was on my computer reading blogs.

7pm and I had some things to write in my diary!

8pm and I was hungry enough for tea. I bought this mushroom quiche at Slattery's and it was delicious and really cheesy. We also had roasted sweet potato and sweetcorn.

9pm and we were watching Father Ted

10pm and I was writing a letter to my friend Laura.

11pm and I was in bed ready for sleeping! This is my dove tattoo, which is a memorial to my dad.

Let me know if you joined in so I can come and look at your photos too!

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  1. I love these kinds of posts. Just imagine, if we HAD met on Saturday, my face might be in one of these photos. :D