Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Birthday Barbecue

Lee's birthday was the 21st of August so on the Saturday we had a barbecue, 22 people came which was great! We were lucky in that it stayed dry while we were barbecuing in the afternoon, and then it started to rain, and it chucked it down and thundered and lightened for about two hours! It was a bit of a squash to have all those people in my house, but it was still a really good day.

Here was my face! I matched my eyeshadow to my dress and kept my lipstick pale

Lee's birthday cake was this fabulous ice cream sundae cake from Tesco

Lee about to blow out his candles, I bought him the Waynestock t-shirt

My lovely friends Amy and Mike

Lee's dad standing outside in the rain

My lovely friends Jen and Bettie

My lovely friend Paul

All these photos are my mum's!

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  1. At least you managed some fine weather for the barbecue itself, you were lucky with the summer we've just had. The cake looks scrummy, I haven't seen those in Tesco before.